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Super simple 2-style slimming exercise, easy to change sexy legs

Super simple 2-type slimming exercises, easy to change into sexy legs. Slim and sexy figure is the pursuit of all mm, can show their most beautiful side, but annoying big thick legs seriously affect the image of women, lose the beauty of women, will let men away. So, how to effectively thin thigh? Don't worry, small make up for you, teach you 2 type weight loss exercise easy thin thigh.

Back leg lifting to lose weight

1. Hold your hands above the wall.

2. Keep the left leg straight and the right leg as high as possible, but keep the right leg straight as well. This action lasts five seconds.

3. Put the right foot down and repeat the lift with the left foot. This action can be repeated 15 times on the left and right feet.

Prone leg swing

1. Lie prone on the bed and bend your elbows to support the bed. Hold your chin in the palms of your hands and let your upper body out of bed completely.

2. Bend your knees with your feet together, and bend your thighs and legs at a 90 degree angle. The lower legs of the left and right feet swing rhythmically to the upper body, and the heels beat the hips rhythmically.

3. Do this for 5 minutes until you feel pain in your feet.