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Simple back stretching exercises make you sexy in 1 minute

Simple back stretching exercise can make you sexy in 1 minute. Due to long hours of work and busy life, we always have no time for exercise. What should we do? How to lose weight? In fact, it's not so difficult, as long as you use the right method! Let's take a look at the back stretching exercise recommended by Xiaobian for you. As long as we use the short 30 seconds when we get up, we can speed up fat burning and make weight loss easy and simple!

Studies have shown that the muscle strength of the back becomes worse, and the 'basic metabolism' will also be reduced, resulting in the body fat is not easy to burn, and the body will become fatter and fatter. The solution is very simple, through the back stretching, the erector spinae muscle on the back can be activated. Once the erector spinae muscle is extended, it can stimulate the brown fat cells in the body and promote fat burning. And the back stretch can also help the spine straighten and rejuvenate the body.

1. Open your eyes first thing

Wake up in the morning, do not immediately get up, continue to lie in bed, and then slowly stretch the whole body, at this time do not think about anything, imagine yourself as a baby, keep empty mood stretch the body.

2. Hands and feet extend slowly

Palms opposite, hands up straight, elbows inside close to the ears on both sides. Open your feet slowly, keep your knees from bending, and stretch your legs slowly. At this point, focus on stretching each finger and toe. Be sure to stretch your fingertips and toes.

3. Take a deep breath for 15 seconds

At this time, still lying in bed, deep breathing. Inhale slowly from the nose to the abdomen. Inhale slowly, and the abdomen bulges. When the suction reaches the limit, the mouth slowly spits out the air.

4. Lie on your side and get up.

Then from the supine position to side lying, using arm strength to slowly get up from the bed. This kind of action will not hurt the waist and spine, the body will not have any burden.