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Easy tips to eliminate belly fat

Easy to learn tips to reduce the belly, help you easily throw fat to eliminate belly. All people want to have a slim figure, especially the slim waist is the pursuit of most mm, at the same time, the belly is the most unbearable, but because we sit for a long time, the belly is also the most likely place to be full of fat. So, how to lose the belly? Take a look at the recommended recipe for reducing the belly, easily throw the fat, have a flat belly.

1. Multi swing soft hula hoop

Compared with ordinary hard hula hoops, soft hula hoops are easier to collect and have less damage to internal organs. While watching your favorite drama or listening to the hot DJ electronic dance music every day, you can shake hula hoops for about 45 minutes. If you stick to it for a month, your abdomen will definitely have a surprising change.

2. Dinner should be settled early

Experts say eating dinner four hours before bed is not easy to get fat. Now you usually go to bed at 11 p.m., so your dinner should be finished at 7 p.m., which can also leave time to promote food digestion and prevent fat accumulation in the abdomen, so as to have a flat abdomen. Of course, it's better not to eat after dinner, otherwise it's useless to have such an early dinner.

3. Drink probiotic yogurt

Probiotics can effectively regulate the balance of bacteria in the body, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and effectively improve constipation. The content of probiotics in yogurt is the most abundant. Therefore, it is recommended to drink a cup of yogurt every day, try to choose the kind of low-fat yogurt. Moreover, yogurt has a strong sense of satiety, can effectively control appetite, reduce your food intake oh.

4. . clean up the intestines and stomach

To reduce the stomach must do step is Qingchang. There is a lot of waste and garbage in the human intestine. If it is not cleaned up in time and stored in the intestine for a long time, it will not only make the stomach swell, but also the toxins in the waste will be reabsorbed by the body, which will have a bad impact on the body. So regular bowel cleaning is for the sake of thin stomach and good health. There are many ways to clear the intestines, you can take a few days out, only drink porridge and eat some mustard, the rest do not eat, so adhere to three months, eat three days at a time, you can clean the intestines. Of course, if you have an enema, this is one of the ways to clear the intestines.

5. Massage to reduce stomach

Principle: massage can improve the temperature of the skin, so that the whole body is hot up, so you can consume a lot of heat. When massaging the abdomen, it can also promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce intestinal absorption of nutrients, effectively prevent fat accumulation in the abdomen, and promote blood circulation.

Methods: introduce a common and very commonly used method of abdominal massage. First, scratch the massage cream on the abdomen, then take the navel as the center, make a question mark on the abdomen, massage along the question mark, first on the right side, then on the left side, massage 30-50 times each. Massage at least once a day, in the bath can also take this method to massage Oh!

6. Pay attention to the way you walk

If you want to reduce your stomach, you should pay attention to your usual walking posture. When walking, you should raise your head and hold your chest straight. The stride is larger than that of ordinary walking. Your upper body is slightly forward. Your arms swing back and forth. Breathe naturally. Don't exert your abdominal muscles. Pay attention to concentration. Walk in a big stride. The speed is gradually accelerated and the interval is longer. So that we can burn the fat in the abdomen.

7. Use the pillow to reduce the stomach

If you don't have time to prepare the above small items, just lie on the bed, hold the pillow with your legs, bend it up, and then extend it upward, 30 times in each group, and complete five groups every day. During this period, make sure your pillow doesn't fall off! This simple method can make your waist line tight and the weight gradually away.