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6 ways to get rid of your bad habits

Get rid of your bad habits. 6 ways to get rid of your thick hips. Do you want to have a beautiful figure? Do you want to have a concave and convex figure? In addition to breast enhancement, thin waist, there must be a perfect hip. But the buttock is flat and fat, how to do? Let's take a look at the thin buttock lifting method recommended by Xiaobian to help you easily eliminate the thick and fat buttocks and return you the perfect curve.

1、 Control your diet and eat less high calorie food

Most of the leg fat people do not pay attention to diet, not only like to eat high calorie desserts and fried food, but also used to sitting after eating, slowly, buttocks and thighs began to store fat. In addition, some people like to eat heavy food, intake of too much salt, leg swelling also occurs.

At this time, we should control our diet, eat less high calorie food, and combine low fat with high fiber. And do more thin lower body thin hip exercise, to reduce the accumulation of fat. In addition, choose a lighter diet, drink more tea to eliminate edema, and then strengthen the lower body acupoint massage.

2、 Stand up and walk every hour

Office workers sit at work for eight hours every day. After sitting for a long time, their buttocks become wide and big.

Counter moves: every time you sit for about an hour, you should get up and walk, and press the hip acupoints to promote the hip blood circulation.

When taking a bath, wash the buttocks with the water column of the shower head to stimulate the acupoints, so that the buttocks become round and solid.

Remember to move your ass.

3、 Massage thin buttocks

There is a acupoint in the buttock, which is called Chengfu acupoint. There is one acupoint on each side of the buttock, which is located in the center of the horizontal lines at the bottom of the two buttocks.

Massage Chengfu not only has the function of dredging meridians and activating collaterals, but also can stimulate the contraction of gluteus maximus. After five minutes of finger pressing by experts, you will feel the feeling of slightly raising the buttocks. It should be noted that when finger pressing Chengfu, you need to work out in two sections. First, press it vertically to the acupoints, and then lift it up with finger force, so as to fully achieve the effect.

4、 Get rid of the bad sitting posture of crossing legs

At the moment, you may be sitting on the sofa, crossing your legs and reading this article. Whether at home or in the office, if you sit cross legged all day, it will hinder the blood and lymph circulation of the legs, leading to lower body swelling. If you don't take good care of the swelling, such as massage, the veins of the lower limbs will gradually protrude, seriously affecting the circulation of the lower body, resulting in fat thickening and even muscle stiffness.

Counter tactics: in addition to changing the bad sitting posture of cross legged, don't always sit still, but also actively do lower body massage. After taking a warm bath every day, you can use the body specific massage oil to massage the lower leg or sole. No matter kneading or pressing, you can timely relieve the swelling of the lower body and prevent fat accumulation.

5、 Don't sit down immediately after strenuous exercise

Sitting down immediately after strenuous exercise will flatten and enlarge your hips. Because people will produce a metabolic element in their muscles after strenuous exercise, sitting down immediately will focus on the buttocks, making your buttocks flat and large. So remember not to sit down immediately after strenuous exercise!

6、 Walking on tiptoe

In addition to the above methods, you can also use a money-saving sports thin buttock method to increase the charm of buttock line, that is, walking on tiptoe. The toe walking method can stimulate the Yongquan acupoint on the sole of the foot. So on weekdays, you can do it by watching TV at home.