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Two simple massage methods to create melon seed face easily

Two simple massage methods, easy to create melon seed face. Beautiful MM are still worried about your big cake face? No, don't let meat face destroy our good mood of dressing up pretty. Therefore, the most important task at present is to defeat big cake face, melon seed small face is our ultimate goal. Xiaobian recommends simple massage to create a melon seed face. If you want to be beautiful, you should hurry up.

Methods to make the face more compact:

1. Press the edge of the chin bone with three fingers, press the other end with your thumb like a bone, and press from both sides for 8 seconds.

2. Starting from the chin, move your fingers to the bottom of your ears, kneading for 8 seconds at a time, and pressing with your fingers can make the edges clearer.

3. Press and rotate the face with the middle and index fingers for 8 seconds to directly stimulate the redundant flesh on the face and eliminate the bloated feeling.

4. Lift your chin slightly, press the lower side of your chin with your index finger, and hold the excess meat with your fingers for 8 seconds.

The way to make the face comfortable:

1. Knead the flesh part of the cheek, maintain the comfortable feeling of upward spreading, keep for 8 seconds, slowly exert force, can make the whole face firm up.

2. With the middle and index fingers against the meat part, cross fingers and rotate, in the place with the most meat, hold for 8 seconds.