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A simple six minutes before going to bed will make your leg meat disappear

Simply six minutes before going to bed to make excess leg fat disappear. Laziness is a common problem of most beauties nowadays. Being unaccustomed to exercise is that many beauties have extra fat, especially legs. How to make it disappear

Lazy MM people only need to spend a short 6 minutes before going to bed every day, with a very simple light exercise, to let the excess fat of the legs go missing! Do exercise to avoid thigh muscles protruding and damaging the leg shape, without mechanical assistance, the legs will not bear weight at all, exercise can avoid big leg muscles protruding and damaging the leg shape, long-term practice, and the role of lengthening the legs.

1. Put your hands on your hips and kick your calves forward. Details: straighten your legs and tighten your feet. ,

Action 2: bend the right leg, hold the right knee with both hands, straighten the left leg and hook the foot. Details: try to hook your feet. Try to take the bait.

Action 3: step forward, hold the thigh firmly with both hands and press the hind leg down. Details: lengthen the hind legs as long as possible.

Action 4: hands on the ground, head down, feet up extension. Detail: point your toes to the sky as much as possible.

Action 5: walk on tiptoe with both hands on your hips. Details: tighten the legs up to the legs

Action 6: hold one leg heavily, extend the other leg and touch the ground on the toes, while holding both arms along the toes. Details: waist straight down, press out direction open.

Several standard simple movements let you quickly create perfect leg curves.