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A few simple and practical actions to help you realize your wish

Love beauty is MM people's nature, every girl wants to have a slim body, but upper arm obesity is a headache. How to do with thin arm? Xiaobian recommends getting rid of butterfly sleeve by simple action!

Double arm circular motion


1. Stand up straight, hands up.

2. Then bend your elbows so that your hands and fingers are on your shoulders. Then, with your shoulders as the fulcrum, turn your arms until you feel the pain and rest for a while. Massage thin arm

1. First, straighten the left arm upward, hold the elbow joint of the left arm with the right hand, and then press the left forearm with fingers, and gradually press to the place with more fat under the armpit. The strength should be controlled to the extent that it can make the muscles of the arm feel sore. Exchange hands and repeat. When massaging one hand, the other hand should be exercised. The pressed hand can be raised slightly, which can stretch to the inside of the arm. Attention should be paid to the upward extension of the hand, which can accelerate the consumption of arm fat, and help blood circulation and detoxification.

2. Hold the right arm with the left hand and the left arm with the right hand, and then rub the muscles on the arm with the fingers in a circle. When kneading to the inner side of the arm, you can slightly increase the strength, and press the palm tightly for 5 times. Knead the outside for 5 times. When massage, wrist force, different parts of the arm strength requirements are different, massage should pay attention to change the strength and rhythm. This action can strengthen the exercise of triceps brachii, so that the arm becomes strong, adhere to the massage to eliminate the inner arm fat is very effective. Massage for about 3 minutes

3. Return to the starting position, and then still take the shoulder as the fulcrum, and then wrap the arm backward until the pain stops. When the arm swings to the rear, it should try to increase the arm back range, so as to stretch to the inside of the arm, so that the inner muscles can be activated, and prevent the fat from accumulating on the inside.

To create a beautiful slender jade arm, to achieve a perfect life only belongs to their own, so that their beautiful reappearance.