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How does Na Ying lose weight? Na Ying teaches you how to press acupoints to lose weight

How did Na Ying lose weight? Na Ying taught you how to press the acupoints to lose weight. Na Ying, the singer's eldest sister, was photographed in a fat explosion photo. She also jokingly claimed that her postpartum weight surpassed Han Hong's, which shows how fat she was at that time. But you see, now Na Ying is also a slim beauty, and also known as the adverse growth. So what's she got to lose weight?

Recently, the popular variety show "the voice of China", who has been firmly on the top of the singing world, has been on fire again and again. Unwilling to only rely on her strength to become popular, she vowed to prove that she is also beautiful, painstakingly studying the method of slimming, and she turned out to be successful. Recently, the latest photo taken by Chen man, a master photographer, has been warmly praised. The 45 year old sister is still young.

Na Ying laughs that she once overtook Han Hong in her postpartum weight. Later, her good friend Zhang Yushan sent a nutrition and self-cultivation consultant from her own organization. She watched the elder sister's diet and exercise every day and gradually lost weight. Na Ying also said to the majority of mothers, women really want to be better to themselves, such as before she ate haisai, self abandon, really sorry for themselves, health is the most important. The fans also took out the photos before, and exclaimed, even beyond the girl's state. After seeing the photo, her husband said happily, "with such success, we can have another daughter!"

In addition to diet control and exercise to lose weight, Na Ying has recently become addicted to the "acupoint massage" method to lose weight. As long as you find the right acupoint, you can massage the acupoint to eliminate fat. Isn't it amazing! Here is the experience of acupoint massage summarized by Na Ying. The method of acupoint massage is not easy to spread out!

Find out the acupoints: to find the acupoints, you can use the book or the location map to find the acupoints. According to the signs above, you can find the acupoints. But how do you know if you are right?

1. If you feel acid swelling when pressing acupoints, generally speaking, you will not feel pain if you have no condition.

2. When the body really has disease or pain, pressing the control acupoint will also produce pain.

3. You can push and knead and press up and down at the acupoint about the position. If there is more acid swelling, it is the correct acupoint.

When looking for acupoints, the words' two finger width 'and' three finger width 'are most often seen in books. These are the benchmark for calculating the position of acupoints. Because each person's physique, finger size and width are not the same, there will be changes and differences. "One finger width" refers to the width of the thick part of the thumb; "two finger width" refers to the width measured from the fingertip to the second joint when the index finger and middle finger are combined.

Points for attention: massage acupoint weight loss method is simple and easy to learn, but still need to pay attention to a few points in order to be more effective and less injured. These points should be paid attention to whether you massage acupoints yourself or others help you!

1. Remember to clean hands and accessories before massage

Massage is a kind of contact behavior, so you should keep your hands clean when you are massaging or massaging yourself. Remember to clean your hands, or wear hands-free gloves, so that you won't be infected by contact. Even auxiliary equipment like massage and scraping Board and so on, must do the disinfection work first, also must remember to pay attention to the material when choosing, lest destroys or injures the skin.

2. When massaging acupoints, apply force properly

The most important thing to pay attention to in acupoint massage is exerting force. Many people have the wrong idea that "pain" is right? The more painful you are, the more wrong you have to press it! This concept is wrong. In fact, everyone can not bear the strength, but there are many ways to massage acupoints. If you use rubbing or knocking, too much force will not only cause adverse effects, but also may cause redness and swelling of the skin.

3. Don't leave your nails too long

When massaging the acupoints, the nails should be trimmed a little, so that the skin will not be hurt when massaging the acupoints, and the nails will not be broken because they are too long!

4. The effect of muscle relaxation and acupoint massage is better

When massaging acupoints, the muscles must be relaxed. Whether it is self massage or other people's massage, the whole body should be relaxed, so that the mood can be truly relaxed. If the body muscles are not relaxed, the effect of acupoint massage will be poor.

5. Warm hands before acupoint massage

Before massage, you can warm the palm of your hand or soak it with warm water to raise the temperature. If it is in the case of cold hands, the muscles will be tense and not easy to relax. In addition, the hand temperature can be increased to achieve good effect!

6. Too hungry or too full is not suitable for acupoint massage

The best massage time is about 1 hour after eating in the morning and evening. If the massage effect is not good when you are too hungry or too full, you will feel uncomfortable!

7. When massaging acupoints, replenish water properly

Massage acupoint weight loss method is to timely supplement water, it is suggested that drinking warm water will have better effect and promote blood circulation in the body. If it is after bathing, the massage effect is also great!

8. Long term continuous acupoint massage to lose weight

Massage acupoints is just like doing exercises for meridians and acupoints! Therefore, it should be carried out continuously and patiently for a long time, so that the massage effect will be significant and the weight loss effect can be achieved more quickly!