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How to build a good figure

How to build a good figure? What good method can thin waist abdomen? The following is to tell you the six most effective ways to reduce the belly fat, you do not know how to reduce the abdominal fat, you quickly learn these thin waist tuck in tips, quickly practice the perfect waistline!

First thing: oil control '1 teaspoon'

Be sure to control your mouth. Controlling your diet is the best way to solve this embarrassing problem. Try to eat less fatty foods, such as cream cake, chocolate, ice cream, chips and so on. Don't indulge your mouth and intestines too much. It's also suitable for you to say what's wrong.

Too strict diet control will affect health, resulting in the lack of some trace elements and nutrients in the body, so you can eat more fish and shellfish, as well as beans and grains, to supplement the necessary nutrition. When cooking, do not use olive oil and sesame oil instead of salad oil, always implement the oil principle of '1 tsp per meal', which can well control the oil intake.

The second thing: fat burning 'small action'

The fat stored in the lower part of the body is very stubborn, easy to come and slow to go, so to prevent it in the bud, usually you have to pay attention to the control of fat intake. Of course, a good way is to exercise more, burn off the excess fat, do more hip and leg exercises, will have a good effect of thin waist. Try to say goodbye to the elevator and go back to the stair climbing era. When you have time to do yoga or stretching exercises, you can make your lower body muscles more compact and you will be back.

The third thing: to prevent fleshy

Office workers or students need to sit in the chair every day. It's easy to accumulate abdominal fat when doing it for a long time. At this time, we need to form good habits, correct sitting posture, tighten the abdomen and chest, and then we can reduce some fat accumulated in the abdomen. Always remind yourself to straighten your chest, shrink your abdomen, straighten your waist, and sit like a bell hanging. Even if you can't always keep it, you may lose 2 jin or more of the cumbersome fat from your stomach.

The fourth thing: "sleep off the rest of your calories

There are three small exercises you can choose from, or try each one: lie flat on the ground with your hands on your ears, but don't hold your head. Bend your knees and lift your feet so that the angle between your thighs and your abdomen is less than 90 degrees. Use the abdominal strength to slowly lift the upper body, try to keep the legs still, repeatedly 15 to 20 times or lie on the ground, hands flat on both sides of the body, knees bent, feet lifted. The waist forces the legs to move to the right, and then to the left after returning to the original position.

When you feel boring, you can lie flat on the ground with your feet on the ground, bend your knees, and lift your hips with force. The speed should be slow. Hip height should be in line with the spine, repeated for 2O times, 1-3 groups per day.

Fifth thing: do not love tea, but also drink tea

Develop a good habit of drinking tea, many tea ingredients are helpful to your abdomen, the more you drink your stomach will be smaller. Two kinds of tea with the best abdomen reduction are recommended.

Tea made from lotus, lotus leaf and lotus seed can decompose fat, eliminate constipation, diuresis and prevent senile diseases. Lotus leaf tea has no side effects and can be consumed for a long time. But pay attention to a point: lotus leaf tea must be thick, drink the first brewing tea, the second bubble is basically ineffective. Constipation people drink 4 packets a day, 4 times on an empty stomach. Lotus leaf tea also has a feature: long-term drinking, will prefer light rather than greasy food.

Oolong tea is a semi fermented tea. It is rich in trace elements such as iron and calcium. It contains ingredients that promote digestive enzymes and decompose fat. It can burn body fat. It can not only let the fat that has not been absorbed by the body directly out of the body, but also prevent diseases caused by excessive fat absorption. It has good effects in anti-tumor, blood lipid reduction and anti-aging.

Sixth thing: eight glasses of water a day

It must be remembered that eight glasses of water a day and less stimulant drinks are one of the most effective ways to keep healthy and slim. Drinking a glass of white water, light honey water or water added with cellulose before breakfast in the morning can accelerate the peristalsis of intestines and stomach, discharge the garbage and metabolites from the body the night before, and reduce the chance of small belly.

When you are not thirsty, you should also add water to your body. Lack of water in the body can lead to lower metabolism. Coffee and other drinks in the absorption process of water will be due to the role of coffee Yin and loss of more than half, so can not completely rely on coffee and drinks to supplement water.

Weight loss can not be achieved overnight, the key is to adhere to. In the process of losing weight, we should take exercise and diet as our daily habits. Even if we have achieved success in weight loss, we should change our weight loss experience into a living habit, stick to it, avoid rebound and consolidate the achievements of our struggle.