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How to lose weight after delivery

Pregnant women how to lose weight after childbirth? Teach you pregnant women abdominal weight-loss exercises, for the mother who has just given birth to the baby, the meat on the abdomen is a little bit of trouble, so don't worry, today's small series will teach you how to lose weight after childbirth, a simple set of pregnant women's abdominal weight-loss exercises let you recover the perfect figure.

Steps / methods

Lie on your back with your hands open, naturally on both sides of your body, legs straight. Bend the right leg and lean to the left side of the body until it touches the ground, and then change the left leg for 10 seconds.

Lie on your stomach with your legs shoulder width apart and hands on the ground. Lift your head and upper body as far as possible and hold for 10 seconds until you feel the waist muscles are fully stretched.

Sit in a chair with your upper body straight and legs together. Place your hands on your waist and take a deep breath while trying to bulge your waist and abdomen.

Return to the position of action 4, try to lift the legs to the waist, pay attention to keep the upper body straight, the two legs and knees should be close together, use the waist and abdomen strength to complete this action.

Lie prone, support the weight of the upper body with both hands, lift the legs and tap the buttocks with toes alternately, pay attention to the knees to be close together, the higher the action frequency, the more obvious the effect of weight reduction.