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The secret of Tang Wei's good figure

Tang Wei's secret of good figure, slimming black coffee makes you have a good figure easily. In recent years, Tang Wei's career has been booming and has entered the ranks of international movie stars. Tang Wei's figure is as perfect as ever. How does she keep her figure? Today, Xiaobian will reveal Tang Wei's slimming secret. Slimming black coffee makes you have a good figure.

Drink black coffee if you are greedy

Always cautious about food, but occasionally lax. Whenever a big goal is achieved, Tang Wei will relax himself and eat some small snacks as a reward. But often after eating delicious food, she has to make up for a cup of black coffee, because black coffee can speed up the burning of fat in the body, so that she can make up for the sin of gluttonous eating.

Black coffee is very small, a cup of 100 grams of black coffee only 2.55 kcal. Drinking a cup of black coffee after dinner can effectively decompose fat. In addition, black coffee is more diuretic. For women, black coffee also has beauty benefits. In the process of making coffee at high temperature, it will produce an antioxidant compound, which can help to prevent cancer, anti-aging, and even prevent cardiovascular disease, comparable to fruits and vegetables. Note that pure coffee without partner, milk or sugar is black coffee.

The original black coffee in addition to refreshing, more slimming beauty effect, coffee can decompose fat, diuretic effect, and can promote blood circulation, help the body discharge waste, has a certain benefit to the body and skin.

1. Eliminate fat and edema

Caffeine can help the human body contract blood vessels, promote the metabolism of the body, increase the consumption of heat energy, so as to accelerate the decomposition of fat, and accelerate the body to discharge excess water. It is effective for facial and eye edema. When doing exercise, the caffeine in coffee can help the body burn subcutaneous fat, which can be converted into exercise energy and make the fat become muscle.

Therefore, the more caffeine the body absorbs, the faster the metabolism will be. The body will not feel tired and can be active for a long time. Therefore, if you can drink coffee during the right amount of exercise, weight loss effect will be more obvious.

2. Antioxidation

Many people know that green tea has antioxidant effects, but they don't know about the natural antioxidants in coffee. The main antioxidant substance in coffee is a kind of substance called chlorogenic acid or coffee tannic acid, which can play an anti-oxidation effect on human body. Coffee is rich in caffeine, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid and other ingredients, which can effectively remove free radicals in the body and repair the aging cells and tissues of the body.

Coffee in the process of boiling at high temperature, will produce an antioxidant compound, help anti-cancer, anti-aging, and even prevent cardiovascular disease.

It's better not to add sugar when you lose weight with coffee, but the bitter taste is not something everyone can swallow. If you can't stand it, you don't have to enforce the "bitter mouth plan". As long as the following method is strictly implemented, it's not difficult to lose three kilograms a month.

Morning: milk can increase the feeling of fullness, so you can add milk to hot coffee, coffee portion accounts for 1 / 4 of the whole cup of milk. Meimei with bad stomach and intestines can drink coffee at the same time, eat some biscuits or bread. After drinking coffee, they can do some exercise, such as simple gymnastics or walking.

Noon: do not drink coffee on an empty stomach, but drink a cup of black coffee without sugar after lunch. The best choice of caffeine content is the most suitable for weight loss American coffee, people who can't stand the 'bitter' can add 1 / 2 teaspoon sugar. In order to prevent fat from accumulating on your abdomen, don't sit for half an hour after eating. There are many ways to kill time, such as standing at home and playing video games when you are full. If you have no conditions, you may as well stand and chat with your colleagues. Half an hour will soon pass.

After work: drink another cup of strong coffee with steam pressure, and then do fat burning walking activities.

Tips for slimming

1. In the 30-40 minutes after drinking coffee, take advantage of the highest concentration of fatty acids in the blood to do appropriate exercise, which can double the fatty acids into heat energy, and effectively burn fat.

2. If you want to lose weight more effectively, make your own coffee, which can control the quality. Because the temperature of roasted coffee beans will directly affect the content of caffeine, if the temperature exceeds 178 ℃, the caffeine will be completely dissolved, and when the caffeine content is reduced, the weight loss effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is recommended to choose coffee that is only lightly roasted to reduce weight.

3. Hot coffee is more effective than iced coffee, because after drinking hot coffee, the body will be slightly hot because caffeine is causing the body to burn calories, and thus consume fat.

4. No sugar. If you are not used to the bitter taste of coffee, you can add a little milk, but never sugar, because sugar will hinder the decomposition of fat.

5. No more than five cups a day. A large number of studies have shown that caffeine intake or coffee drinking can help improve exercise performance, reduce people's fatigue and make them energetic. Therefore, moderate consumption of coffee is safe. For caffeine intake is best not to exceed 300 mg per day, that is, not more than 4 to 5 cups of coffee per day.

6. Caffeine can directly burn fat, drink coffee with some exercise, can play a very good effect, but caffeine will affect sleep, so drink before noon is better.