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How to make weight loss tea? Teach you how to make weight loss tea and slimming tea

How to make your own weight loss tea? Teach you self-made weight loss tea and slimming tea method, in more and more want to lose weight mm like to drink weight loss tea, but there are many kinds of weight loss tea on the market, which weight loss effect is good? Today, I'll teach you self-made weight loss tea and slimming tea, let's learn it together!

1、 Suanzaogen tea with diuretic and lipid-lowering effects

Suanzaogen tea is a very good diet drink. After eating a cup, not only can enjoy the sweet and sour taste, but also can achieve the goal of weight loss. With diuretic and lipid-lowering effect, it is very suitable for obesity and hypertension.

Materials required: 10 grams of corn silk, 10 grams of tea roots, 10 grams of hawthorn, 10 grams of shepherd's purse, and a little sugar.

Production method: grind the prepared material into coarse powder, add water to decoct, and then take the juice to drink.

2、 Lemon tea with fat reducing effect

Lemon tea can not only remove greasy and fat, but also moisturize the lungs and whiten the skin.

Ingredients: wash and slice the lemon.

Production method: first press the lemon juice out of the lemon juice, then flush into the warm water to mix, and finally add the appropriate amount of honey in the lemon juice, DIY out of the delicious lemon tea.

3、 Accumulate food and drink Pu'er tea

If the accumulation of food in the stomach does not change, not only the gastrointestinal function will be affected, but also make sugar and fat because there is no way to normal consumption and lead to obesity. Xiaobian suggested that you drink Pu'er tea, which can help digestion, has the effect of eliminating grease.

Materials required: 5 dried chrysanthemum, Pu'er tea

Production method: with hot water brewing can drink, very simple Oh.

4、 People who love meat usually drink hawthorn tea

Fat people who like to eat meat are more suitable to drink hawthorn tea, because hawthorn tea can eliminate grease, also can disperse stasis and phlegm and help excretion of waste in the body.

Materials required: 10 grams of hawthorn.

Production method: put Hawthorn in water and boil.