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The most hot thin abdomen method changes to a woman with a thin waist

The layers of small abdomen between the waist, is the love of the most afraid mm, because of these waist fat, seriously affected the overall aesthetic feeling of the body. How to reduce stomach fastest and effective? Recommend the most hot Korean belly reduction method to help you create sexy, charming and flat abdomen.

Abdomen is the most easily accumulated body fat parts, but also the most difficult to lose weight successful parts, with flat and healthy abdomen, is every love MM's wish. Maybe you are having a headache for your protruding abdomen, so how can you eliminate it?

1、 The method of detoxification and receiving abdomen in Korea

The method of "detoxification and weight loss" in South Korea has been quickly pursued by women of all ages once it is proposed. Kim zhaoheng, a Korean expert, said that most women who want to lose weight only care about the degree and time of reduction. In fact, the body that is hurt by the disorder of weight loss is the hotbed where fat loves to stay most.

To achieve the purpose of slimming by detoxification, not only can the toxins accumulated in the body be discharged, but also make the body become "thin constitution". In this way, the small abdomen can be reduced, and no longer worry about the accumulation of fat, it is a very good way to reduce the abdomen.

Professor Jin has found that many mm obesity is not caused by fat, but by swelling. If the lymph node method of the waist is functioning normally due to body cold or insufficient exercise, there will be waste accumulation in the abdomen, and people will be easily tired and the waist will gradually become thicker. This situation of the abdomen needs to cooperate with certain exercise and massage, so that the blood circulation becomes smooth, swelling will soon be eliminated.

2、 Three simple moves of detoxification and thin abdomen

1. fruit for dinner

If you always eat more rice on a regular day, you will be amazed at the flat belly at the end of the month by replacing the meal with fruit every day in a month.

2. massage to enhance visceral function

After bathing, apply lotion to abdomen and massage clockwise. In the cooler time, the warm gear in the blower will blow the abdomen around the warm and massage the effect will be better. The hair dryer is more than 15 cm away from the body.