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How to deal with bucket waist in summer

How to deal with bucket waist in summer? 3 steps throw away the bucket waist! If you eat China on the tip of your tongue, you should be thinner than the bucket waist on the chair. How can you slim your waist? If you often sit in the office, you can't afford to hurt your belly. It's very depressing to be around. Let's see how to do 360 & deg; thin waist method!

It's hard to get thin when you're fat, but it's easy to lose weight. Every time you get fat, you start from your waist and abdomen. Mm in the office can't afford to hurt you. Xiaobian presents 360 & deg; all-round waist thinning method to make you become an invincible small waist essence.

1、 Massage thin waist

If the skin is not particularly sensitive and dry, you can exfoliate the body once a week, so that the ingredients of slimming nutrients can be absorbed more effectively. At the same time, we should also recognize their own obesity nature, is loose 'orange peel', or thick stubborn fat. Choose different slimming products and massage your body according to the instructions. Of course, you can't place all your hopes on this step. You must cooperate with reasonable diet and scientific exercise.

2、 Sports thin waist

Pick up the book to pick up a small waist: sitting in the middle of the chair, chest straight back, fantasy there are two books on the floor on both sides of the chair, do the book picking action, let the body side bend, slowly down, and then slowly up. Repeat 10 times on each side.

Keep your abs active: if you want to have a flat abdomen, doing 50 sit ups a day is very effective. But what's more important is to keep your abdomen 'tense' all the time at work, shopping and on the bus, so that you don't need to spend a lot of effort to get results.

Let's experience the proper state of the abdomen: when standing, put one hand in front of the hip bone, put your other hand on the other side, tighten your abdominal muscles, and your two hands will come together. Pay attention to how your abdomen is arched - allow your abdominal muscles to relax slowly and your hands will naturally separate. Let your abdomen be used to keeping the posture that can let two hands gather together, isn't the water snake waist appeared immediately?

3、 Diet thin waist

Waist and abdomen can be subdivided into waist, upper abdomen and lower abdomen. In fact, in addition to some common causes, their respective causes of obesity are not very same.

King of stomach: the body's metabolic rate is reduced, coupled with the lack of exercise, like to eat sweets and cold drinks, fat is easy to accumulate in the upper abdomen. Therefore, we should try to replace sucrose with natural sugar. We should drink a cup of honey water on an empty stomach in the morning, and eat apples and kiwi fruit in the afternoon tea, which can not only satisfy the desire for sweet food, but also play a role in clearing the intestines.

Small belly: I stay in the office every day and sit down when I'm full. Sometimes I can't even drink water when I'm busy. So many people have constipation, which is especially serious after the festival! Drink more yogurt, remember to drink 8 glasses of water every day, and eat less strong food.

Bucket waist: mainly from greedy, from today on to control the amount of food. Avoid high calorie food and serve lettuce salad; avoid overeating, chew and swallow slowly to increase fullness. (source: gettyimages)