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How does abdomen accumulate fat to do? Men lose weight from abdomen begin

How do men do with abdominal fat accumulation? Men lose weight from the abdomen, men get fat, starting from the belly. At first, this tiny change can only be observed by ourselves, but later, it has become a common feature. Today, I'll introduce you some tips for men to lose weight.

How can exercise determine abdominal obesity by maintaining correct and firm posture

① Stand upright, extend both arms forward, hold hands tightly, and then slowly raise your head upward. Turn your head back, then turn it to the left and right. Then turn forward, slowly put the arm down, the hand is still tight, and then put back to the original position, do the same 10 times.

② Stand upright, arms extended forward, right leg slowly raised forward, then backward, and then put in place. Do it with your left leg, 5 times each.

③ Stand upright, arms perpendicular to your side, slowly lift your right knee up to your chest, bend your torso and head forward, hold your legs to your chest with both hands, and return to your original position. Do it on the left knee, five times on each knee.

④ Stand upright, hold the opposite arm with both hands, bend the body slowly forward, left and right, and then return to the original position, do 5 times.

A movement to firm the waist, back and abdomen

① Upright, hands straight up, bending the upper body forward, hands do not touch the ground, knees slightly bent and relaxed. Return to the original upright position and repeat 10 times.

② Sit straight, hold the chair with both hands, raise the right leg, straight forward, raise the leg to 45 cm in front and back, repeat for 10 times on the left and right legs. Back to the back of the chair, lift both legs forward at the same time, do 10 times. With both legs straight forward, move up and down interactively, 10 times each.

③ Stand with your legs apart, put your arms between your legs, relax on the floor, lift your hips, and do 10 times up and down.

Exercise to strengthen muscles

① Lie on your back with arms straight out at right angles to your chest. Bend your right knee up to the right and try to slowly touch the right side of the bed as much as possible to bring the body back to its original position. Do the same with the left leg, repeat 5 times.

② Supine, legs straight forward, arms on the head, bending knees up, close to the abdomen with both hands grip the knees. Then straighten your legs down and do it 10 times.