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How to thin arms for girls

The thickness of the arm will affect the overall effect of girls' dressing in summer, so it is more important for girls to thin their arms than their abdomen in summer. So, summer girls how to thin arm? Xiaobian collected several very effective methods of thin arm, teach you to say goodbye to thick arm easily and quickly.

Step 1: apply moisturizing oil or essential oil evenly on the arm to moisten the skin and avoid damaging the skin during massage. Then massage the right arm with your left hand.

Step 2: then hold the upper and lower sides of the right arm with the thumb and other four fingers, and shake it back and forth. While shaking, it will slide from the elbow toward the rib direction to eliminate the redundant flesh and make the arm become even and slim.

Step 3: straighten the arm, massage the left arm up and down with the right hand. While kneading, find the acid swelling part of the arm and press it several times. Then do the elbow flexion exercise, and pay attention to relax the shoulder.

Step 4: at this time, when the acid swelling feeling of the arm is eliminated by massage, it will be relaxed at once, and then hold the hand of the arm and slide towards the rib direction. As in the third step, relax the shoulder and do the bending and stretching exercise repeatedly.

The fifth step: along the elbow from the direction of the rib massage, can effectively promote lymph flow. The reason for the formation of arm fat is that all the metabolic wastes are accumulated in the deep layer of triceps brachii. And these movements can effectively eliminate these metabolic wastes, but are you afraid that the arm is not thin.

Adhere to these simple steps every day, and soon your arm will be thinner!