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How can women thin their arms? It's the most effective way to lose weight

How can a woman thin her arms? Exercise is the most effective way to lose weight! A fat arm can add weight to people's vision, while a thin arm can give people a slimmer effect. So how can I thin my arms? I'll teach you some tips for losing weight. Let's try it!

1、 Massage.

First, apply reliable massage cream on the arm, gently massage along the direction of the vein and lymph, then press from the arm to the armpit, massage for about three minutes each time. The purpose of doing this is to stimulate the subcutaneous stubborn fat, promote the smooth circulation of lymph, and drive the excess water and toxin to the direction of armpit to achieve the effect of thin arm.

Second, dumbbell method.

It is recommended to buy a dumbbell suitable for women's exercise first. If there is no dumbbell, use a mineral water bottle filled with water to replace it. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, and lift the arm straight to the top of the head, then bend the elbow back, stay for 10 seconds, and then lift it up. Repeat these movements, and try to make the hand slightly sour.

This burns the fat in the arm, tightens the arm muscles and reduces the weight of the arm.

Third, put your hands together.

It is believed that people who practice yoga often understand that this action is a common one in yoga. Put your hands together and slowly push them to the top of your head. Keep your hands close to your ears and try your best to push them up. Keep this action and breathe steadily until your hands are too sore to bear.

This action can help burn arm fat, as long as you keep doing it for a long time, you can achieve the effect of thin arm.

Fourth, the arms support the whole body.

Sit in a clean place, legs straight, hands straight, body up, then slowly down, then slowly up. This action is very tired, if ordinary people do three or four, they can lose weight. If you can't do it, don't force yourself, or you will get hurt easily.

Fifth, push ups.

Push ups are very tiring to do, but where they can be thin is not just the arms. Push ups can help the body burn fat and tighten muscles, which is quite a tiring way. But push ups can not be done too much, ordinary people generally do 5-10 can, do more, it is likely to have strong arms.

Sixth, improve the diet.

Weight loss advocates the combination of exercise and diet, and thin arms are no exception. If you want to thin your arms, you should eat more fruits and vegetables, especially those with detoxification and diuresis. You can burn fat together with exercise and lose all the fat. Apples, pears, grapefruits, oranges, snow lotus fruits, sweet potatoes, onions, tomatoes, balsam pear, cucumbers, carrots, etc., are all indispensable foods in diet.

If you want to lose the disgusting thick arm, you may as well try the good method taught by the editor. It's easy to lose the fat!