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How to get rid of beer belly and do more exercise

How to do simple tummy reduction exercise? Get rid of beer tummy and do more exercise! Simple and easy tummy reduction exercise, full of several weight-loss actions. If you insist on the exercise, you will find that the big tummy is gone, and the beer tummy is gone! Hurry up!

Three moves. Take your time

The coach designed a set of belly reduction exercises that can be done at home according to the structure of muscles. The following actions need to be controlled for 3-5 seconds, and then exhale slowly to relax. Do two groups, 10 in each group.

1. Roll up the abdomen

Lie on the mat, bend your knees, open your hands behind your head, open your shoulder joints, lift your body when you inhale, and keep your waist, hips and feet off the ground.

Reminder: it's not what we call "sit ups" to roll up the abdomen. The difference between the two movements is that the whole body does not need to be lifted off the cushion to roll up the abdomen, only the part above the thoracic vertebra needs to leave the cushion, and the wear of the lumbar spine is small. Pay attention not to adduction of mandible, try to keep a fist distance between Chin and chest, so as not to increase the pressure of cervical vertebra.

2. Lie on your back and start at both ends

Lie on your back completely relaxed, extend your arms above your head and legs straight, lift your arms and legs off the ground at the same time when you inhale, and then slowly exhale and relax after a little control.

Reminder: this action can't be done with explosive force. Instead, slowly let the abdominal muscles force the arms and legs to lift. At the same time, pay attention not to lean back hard, but to lift with the upper body.

3. leg lifting exercise

Lie on your back, keep your hands straight and close to both sides of your body, and bend your legs slightly. When you inhale, lift your legs off the ground and let your hips off the mat, so as to achieve the purpose of contraction of your abdominal muscles.

Caution: do not leave the ground on the upper body and head. Move slowly and rhythmically.

4. Side flexion

Lie on your back, bend your calves slightly, put your hands behind your head, open your shoulder joint, lift your body to the front left when you inhale, lift your left thigh up at the same time, exhale to relax and restore, and then do it again on the right side.

Reminder: just like the above movement, when lifting the body, you only need to let the thoracic vertebra off the ground, and you don't need to let the elbow touch the knee.

5. elbow support

Lie on your stomach, bend your forearms forward, keep your arms the same width as your shoulders, keep your legs straight and close together, and use your elbows and forefeet as support points to lift your body off the ground and keep your whole body in a straight line.

Reminder: it's very similar to the push ups. The buttocks can't be relaxed. The muscles of the whole body are very tense. It's better not to bow down.

6. Elbow support

Lie on your side with your left forearm bent, legs straight, and your right hand on your side. Take the left elbow, hip and foot as supporting points to lift the upper body off the ground. Then work out the other side.

Caution: keep your body in balance, and your shoulders should work hard at the same time.

Belly fat is the most important part of weight loss, they are the most difficult to tame. If it's only three days to fish and two days to dry the net, it's hard to see the effect. The coach suggested that we should work out a simple and easy plan to reduce the abdomen immediately, persevere and reduce the abdomen to the end.