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What is the best way to lose weight in spring

What kind of exercise is suitable for weight loss in spring? The effect of weight loss by walking after the festival is good! What kind of exercise is the most suitable for weight loss in spring? Walking is the most suitable exercise for weight loss. It's simple and not boring. It's better to strengthen some tips to lose weight.

Years later, they are very busy, both at work and in life. But Xiaobian feels that it's also a very painful thing to lose weight. Lose weight this matter, who is simple, very simple, difficult to say, it is very difficult, the key lies in whether the method awesome, happy mood. Today, I will teach you a way to reduce belly fat for the weekend. The best place to exercise is in the park.

Aerobic walking

Healthy walking is the most basic, simple, convenient and economic physical activity in all physical activities. As long as you look up, hold your chest high and walk for more than 30 minutes every day, it is healthy walking. There are ways to walk with hands raised, legs raised high and back. No matter that way, Xiaobian only needs you to add an idea and action on the basis of the original one, that is, always keep your stomach away, that is to say, keep your stomach strong all the time, and carry out the abdomen away, so the effect will naturally be reflected. The introduction of small editors mostly adopts big steps.

Stride: the back leg kicks hard, the front leg lifts up, and the two legs muscles work hard. It's a real aerobic exercise. Pay attention to keeping the abdomen and chest up all the time.

The best way to lose weight after the festival is to walk in the park

Notes on healthy walking

1。 It is better to wear suitable shoes, such as jogging shoes, casual shoes or sports shoes with air cushion.

2。 Choose a smooth road or the nearest park or square for healthy walking, and form a continuous habit.

3。 Wear a pedometer to remind and motivate yourself, which is helpful to form healthy walking habits.

4。 Pay attention to the correct posture of walking, the key is to raise your head, chest and abdomen, hold your hands slightly and put your waist, naturally swing your shoulders to relax and walk forward.


If you think the above fitness intensity is not enough, you can also add some fitness exercises for the abdomen, such as sit ups, v-ups, supine leg lifts, leg swings and so on. If you don't know these movements very well, you may as well try to search under this fitness column, and soon you will find the answer you need.