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Cold winter what movement is thin face? What does thin face movement have?

What kind of face slimming exercise in winter? What are the movements of face slimming? The round face gives people the misunderstanding of obesity. Recommend 3 quick face slimming actions, and practice frequently to create a small face with a big slap! There is a trick to face slimming in winter. Do more exercise to face slimming quickly!

Quick face reduction method in winter.

Three small actions for quick face reduction in winter:

1. Inhale, let the mouth bulge as much as possible, then exhale, inhale again, and repeat several times.

Objective: before doing face slimming exercise, let the gas in the facial muscles be removed, so as to make the effect of this small face slimming action more obvious, so this action is essential.

2. At the same time, use the thumbs of both hands to push the fat at the zygomatic bone upward and inward. Keep the fat at the top for several seconds at a time and repeat several times. You will feel a little pain, which is a sign that the effect is starting to work. Don't worry.

Objective: to exercise the fat of the face, so as to achieve the effect of subtracting the flesh of the face.

3. Tap the cheekbones gently with your knuckles. Do this 15 times or so.

Objective: to do this is to stimulate the muscles slightly, leading to atrophy. So that when the above actions are repeated in the future, the effect can be achieved quickly.

After mastering these movements, we should actively cooperate with the diet. It's not good to exercise alone, but also to supplement nutrition!