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How to lose weight in aerobic treadmill exercise in winter

How to lose weight with aerobic pedal exercise? How can aerobic exercise reduce weight? How can aerobic pedal exercise reduce weight easily? How can you learn pedal exercise with a editor? Get moving quickly!

Step aerobics originated in the United States in 1968 and soon became popular all over the world. Pedal exercise is a kind of aerobic exercise. It is carried out on a pedal that can be adjusted at will. It is very challenging and pleasant. It is an effective exercise.

Aerobic pedal training coordination

The aerobic pedal is mainly used for the equipment used in the aerobics course. In the professional aerobics course, the aerobics coach will design and match a whole group of movements, and many people will do it together. It's very fun. If you do the movements alone at home, you may feel less smelly. At this time, you can do the movements with the music rhythm, or watch TV while doing it to increase the rhythm Sense and interest.

Experts suggest that for beginners to do aerobic pedal movements, it's best to do as much as you can at the beginning, focusing on 8-10 movements each time, 1-2 groups of movements each time. After the movements are more skilled, each movement will be increased to 12-15, 3-5 groups each time.

In this way, the continuous exercise 3-5 times a week, 2-3 weeks later, you will obviously feel that the lines of the lower body, especially the waist and buttocks become more solid. Using the pedal to do push ups will also make the chest muscles more tight.

Prepare for action

Strong chest and arms

1 pedal push up

Training purpose: strengthen chest and arm

Note: the palm must be completely placed on the pedal. If it is placed on the edge of the pedal, it is prone to danger.

Bow back arrow

Strong hips and legs

2 front bow and back arrow

Purpose: to strengthen the hips and legs

Note: breathing must be smooth during the action. No matter in the preparatory action or in the action, make sure that the knee cannot exceed the toe at any time, so as to avoid injury to the knee. Knee increase hip line 3 knee lift

Training purpose: to increase hip line and strengthen thigh.

Caution: the sole of the foot must be completely placed on the pedal. If it is placed on the edge of the pedal, it is prone to danger.

Sculpt hip and leg lines 4 squats

Training purpose: sculpt hip and leg lines.

Note: when the action is carried out, the back must be straight to avoid too much pressure on the back.


Prevention of lumbar pain 5 lower back

Training objective: to strengthen the muscle strength of lower back and prevent lumbar pain.

Note: the back must be straight and not bent during the whole movement.

How to lose weight with aerobic pedal exercise, sihaiwang women's body building teaches you how to exercise pedal exercise in winter and build up your body, more weight-loss exercises are waiting for you!