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The most reliable way to lose weight

Aerobic slimming exercise is the most reliable way to lose weight. It is recommended to exercise slimming method. Exercise slimming method not only has significant effect on reducing weight, but also is very healthy. If you want to lose weight, besides proper diet, exercise can not be less. Recommend a simple set of slimming aerobics for you, so that you can lose weight quickly.

Step 1: step -- shout slogans and be spirited

1、 Step 2, 3 and 4 rhythmically, 16 beats in a group, with loud voice when shouting. Use your body to reflect the rhythm. Don't worry about consuming physical strength will affect the next movement, and won't cause tachycardia. Continue to step. This is an effective aerobic exercise.

Step 2: lift the knee -- swing the hips to a large extent, twist the body, slim the legs and tighten the waist at the same time

Raise the thigh high, and then twist the body as much as possible. After the pelvis is twisted, the flanks on both sides can be fully extended and suddenly tightened back, which can achieve a good effect of tightening the waist.

Step 3: kick - when you kick, you should have a strong force to get rid of all the fat on your thigh

Step on, kick one leg forward as you lift it. At this time, the tight parts are thigh and abdomen. When kicking, pay attention to these two parts consciously.

When the leg is lifted and kicked out, it is' one '. When the leg is put down, it will return to' two '. Do the same with the other leg. Alternately, 8 times in total.

Step 4: press and lift the knee -- press and lift the knee with your arms to stimulate the legs and abdomen

With your arms forward, gently cross your hands, then lift a leg, place your palm on the knee that is lifted up, press your palm down, apply force, press and hold the knee that is lifted up, and gradually increase the force.

'one' when the knee is in contact with the palm and 'two' when the knee is down. Do the same with the other leg. Aerobic exercise, easy weight loss, 5 steps, weight loss and fitness exercise, lose weight

Step 5: lift legs, cross legs - thin legs, tighten abdomen and flank by jumping or crossing legs

When jumping, lift one leg high. When you put it down, make it cross the ground with the other leg. Then lift the other leg immediately. This is one time. Although the action is stiff, the action of raising the thigh high can stimulate the legs and the abdomen, and the action of crossing the legs can stimulate the inner side and the flank of the thigh, which has a dual effect. Alternate left and right 4 times, 8 times in total.

Step 1 jumps at the same time. Raise your right leg. This is' one '.

Step 2 lift the right leg to the front of the body, which is' two '. Note that it's the thighs that carry the feet.

When Step3 counts to 'three', stride the right leg to the front of the left leg.

Step 4 count to 'four' and return to the thigh lift.

Aerobic slimming exercise is the most reliable way to lose weight. Sishiwang women's body building teaches you how to exercise and lose weight. Come to learn!