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How to dance and lose weight?

Ballet slimming exercises shape charming figure, how to dance to slim down? Ballet dancers have perfect figure, long legs, slender arms, concave and convex body lines are enviable. Xiaobian recommends ballet weight-loss exercises. Introduce a group of weight-loss exercises combined with ballet movements. Come and dance to lose weight.

Lay a mat on the ground, lie on the mat, feet together, hands on the side of the body naturally, palm down. Inhale, lift your back off the floor, while raising your arms, and straighten forward parallel to the floor. Raise your legs to 45 degrees from the ground, straighten your legs without bending, and look up at your knees. Then, put the arm back on the ground and lift it up again. Repeat for 4 times. In this process, keep the upper body and legs in the original action, and do not bend. After finishing, slowly put the body back to the ground, rest for a while and continue again, repeat 10 times. This group of movements can fully stretch the leg and hand muscles, effectively reduce the arm and leg fat, and tighten the abdomen and back, so that you have a tight body line.

Kneel and stand on the mat, palms on the ground, arms fully extended, legs together, knees on the ground, legs bent to the hips. Bend the arms, do push ups with the body downward, pay attention to the upper body not to touch the ground, and keep the same horizontal line with the ground, keep the leg still in the bending position, then straighten the arms to support the body high, repeat 15 times. After the last push-up, keep the arm bending position, and then do 15 small quick push ups, at this time, do not raise the body. This group of movements can quickly reduce the weight of the arm, tighten the back line, and tighten the calf muscles.

Sitting on the mat, legs together, knees bent, between the big legs 60 degrees, feet on the ground, hands back on both sides of the hip to support the body, fingertips toward the front. Straighten your arms and lift your hips. 2 seconds later, bend your arms and lower your hips. Repeat 20 times. After 20 times, lift the sole of the foot to the ground with the heel, and close the distance between the big and small legs, lift again, and lower the hip, repeat the same 20 times. This group of actions is designed for the abdomen, which can effectively reduce the abdominal fat, make the abdomen flat and compact, and also have a very effective effect on the arms and legs!

Stand with your back against the bar (you can use a table or cabinet instead at home), hold your hands back on the bar with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Keep the upper body upright, lift the left foot as far as possible parallel to the ground, hook up the instep, make the toe toward the ceiling, and then start to circle the left leg slightly, 15 times clockwise and 15 times counter clockwise. Put down the left leg for the right leg, and complete the whole action in one group, three groups in total. This set of movements can quickly reduce the extra weight of the thigh and calf, and has the function of modifying the leg type, making the leg not only tight and slender, but also straight and shapeless.

Stand beside the handle, one hand on the handle, the other hand on the waist, feet are shoulder width apart, toes are outward as far as possible to maximize the separation of legs. Inhale, squat down as far as you can so that your thighs are parallel to the ground. Then put the weight on the tiptoe, stand on tiptoe, support the body with tiptoe, hold the hand of the handle and apply force to keep the body balanced, keep the action for 5 seconds, then put down the heel, and then stand on tiptoe again, repeat for 30 times. The foot rest in this ballet has a significant effect on the thin thigh. It can reduce the inner thigh fat that is difficult to deal with at ordinary times, and at the same time, it can tighten the calves and tighten the hips.

Stand by the handle with your right foot on the inside, hold your hands on the handle, raise your head and squint at a 45 degree angle. Open the left leg to the outside 45 degrees, hook up the instep, circle the left leg in a small way, 15 times clockwise, 15 times counter clockwise, and then tighten the instep downward for 5 seconds, and then change the leg. Repeat the whole group for 3 times. This action can help MM people to reduce the excess fat of thigh and make the leg line slim and charming.

Stand facing the bar, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, hands and forearms folded on the bar. The two feet adjust the distance backwards, so that the upper body is in a straight line, and the leg is 90 degrees. The head is placed on the arm, and the right leg is raised parallel to the ground. If it is difficult to do, it can bend the left knee. Hook up the instep, start to circle the right foot slightly, 15 times clockwise, 15 times counter clockwise, then change legs, repeat the whole group of actions 3 times. This is a ballet leg lifting action, which can reduce the back and excess waist fat, make the waist and back lines even and tight, and also tighten the hip and leg muscles.

Lie flat on the mat, bend your knees, separate your feet slightly, step on the mat with the center of your foot, clench your hands and clamp them on the ear side. Inhale, waist force will lift the upper body, do not let the body completely upright, to form a certain arc, hands straight up. Keep the body movement unchanged, slowly lower the arm parallel to the ground, hold the movement for 5 seconds, and then raise your hands up again, repeat this 20 times. This action has a good effect on reducing the arm worship meat, and it is also very effective for tightening the abdominal muscles and creating a flat abdomen!

After exercise, have another cup of warm ginger tea. WOW! It's so enjoyable! Ginger tea can drive out the cold. It's the most suitable drink in winter. It can also warm the stomach, help the food digest and absorb the body fat. It's the necessary drink to lose weight in winter.

Ballet slimming exercises shape charming figure, how to dance slimming? More articles about dance slimming exercises contribute to your slimming!