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How to prevent leg swelling in office?

Do you have this feeling when you often sit in the office? I feel that the legs are always sore and swollen. Yes, the sore legs are caused by the poor blood circulation of the legs. Prevention in advance can effectively remove the edema of legs and avoid the pain of turning into edema of radish legs. So how to sit in the office and how to prevent leg swelling!

Step 1. Put your hands together and straighten them forward as much as possible, with the upper body at 90 degrees to the lower body, and then slowly lift the upper body until the body is in a straight line.

Step2. Sitting on the chair, keep the upper body straight, and then slowly downward until the upper body is close to the thigh. When exercising, keep the legs and upper body straight.

Step 3. Lift and straighten the instep of the feet, straighten them forward, and keep 90 degrees with the ground. Then hook the instep inward and feel the whole leg pull up.

Step 4. Stand straight and hold your hands on your waist (or wall), and then slowly step on each other's feet until you can support the highest point, then fall back. The lower body will feel a significant stretch.

Tips: each action is completed 5 times as a group, and 5-10 groups can be done every day. It does not need to be completed continuously. It is better to do it in the afternoon or at night. When the action is in the maximum range, it is better to keep still.

How to reduce legs and prevent leg swelling when sitting in the office? The action is so simple, have you learned it? You should continue to adhere to it! Four seas body beauty continues to ask you how to do weight-loss exercises, and how to exercise more!