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Summer belly exercises make you a slim lady

Bending, kicking and stretching the curled up body in summer give a big yawn and a happy sloth in midsummer. In summer, do some belly exercises, and you will become a fair lady at once!

Sit side stretch

1. Extend the right leg to the side, bend the left leg to the inside, and keep the trunk straight.

2. The body slowly falls to the right leg side, as close to the thigh as possible; the right shoulder is placed on the knee of the right leg, and the left hand is extended to grasp the right ankle as far as possible. Keep the action for 15-20 seconds, repeat in the other direction, and do it three times on the left and right respectively.

Standing side stretch

1. Stand upright with legs as wide as shoulders; raise your right arm above your head and keep your left hand close to your thigh.

2. Slowly dump the body to the left, keep the head in line with the spine, extend the right arm as close to the cheek as possible to the left, slide the left arm to the ankle, keep breathing normally for 6-8 times, repeat in another direction, and do 3 times respectively on the left and right.

Chest back extension

1. Kneel and stand upright, with straight trunk and hands clasped behind; the arm drives the shoulder to sink slowly, raises the head, pushes the chest forward with force, and maintains normal breathing for 3-6 times.

2. Slowly restore the integrity of the trunk, then put both hands on the front of the abdomen, push back, push both hands forward, and keep breathing normally for 3-6 times. The actions of this group were repeated 3 times.

Leg and thigh extension

1. Take a big step forward with the left leg bent, the right leg extended straight back, the heel on the ground, the fingertips of both feet pointing in the same direction, and both hands supporting the knee to maintain balance.

2. Slowly straighten your legs and bend your body downward to make your body close to the front leg as much as possible. Keep your palms close to the ground and breathe for 6-8 seconds. Repeat on the other side.