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Slouchy beauty goes out to bath to lose weight

Beauty Guide: as the name suggests, after bath weight-loss exercise is to wear loose and soft cotton clothes to do simple exercise after bath. In the spacious bedroom, bright living room, or secluded indoor garden, you can stretch your body slowly. After simple repetition, you can relax your muscles and massage the acupoints, which is not only conducive to body building and weight loss.

Leg massage

Leg massage exercise, exercise area: legs. Thigh part: gently push with five fingers, from the thigh root to the knee, from light to heavy, and repeat for 5 times, pushing the whole thigh part to the knee. Crus part: gently pinch with five fingers, or tap gently, massage for 3 minutes all the way down from the socket of the leg.

Knee bending

Bend your knees. Exercise areas: thighs, arms, and abdominal muscles. Straighten your legs and let your left arm hang down naturally. Bend your left leg until your right palm can reach your left heel. Pause for 5 seconds and lower your left leg. Similarly, bending the right leg to the left palm can hold the right heel, and the left and right legs can be exchanged for 10 times, respectively, to rest.

Arm massage

Arm massage movement. Exercise parts: arms and shoulders. Sit straight on the upper body, straighten the right arm, 45 degrees with the horizontal, palms naturally drooping. Use your left hand to bend gently upward from the palm of your hand, and knead in a spiral way until you reach your shoulder. Repeat for two minutes. The principle of left arm is the same as that of right arm. After finishing, take a rest for 1 minute.

Neck massage

Neck massage movement, exercise parts: neck, shoulder. Sit straight on the whole upper body, without clothes covering the neck, gently massage from the upper part of the neck of the root behind the ear, spiral and staggered massage, from light and heavy to the shoulder. Pay attention to keep the whole upper body upright, close your eyes, alternate left and right, massage repeatedly for 3 minutes.

Head massage

Head massage. Exercise parts: head and neck. Kneel on the carpet or yoga mat, close your eyes, bow your head, cover your head with a towel in front of your hair, press your hands and palms from both sides of your head to the middle, slowly press the whole head, and repeat for 1 minute. With the finger force of both hands, arch up the palm, gently press the head with five fingers, gently press from the back of the brain to the whole head, and repeat for 1 minute.

Touch legs

Leg movement. Exercise parts: legs, hips. After sitting, lift the leg, turn the towel around the sole of the foot to form a U-shape, grasp both ends of the towel with both hands, pull the leg up with light force, keep the sitting posture in balance, bend the knee slightly, keep the suspension state for 5 seconds, exchange the left and right feet, repeat this action to continue to feel the thigh is sore, you can stop to rest.

Two leg exercise

Legs movement. Exercise parts: legs, abdomen. Lie on the yoga mat, put your hands on both sides, and lift your legs with your belly force, which is 120 degrees from the level. It's different from the cycling practice of kicking before and after. Do the scissor opening and closing movement on the left and right. The opening angle should not be too large. Keep on doing it for 5 times, and repeat the movement for 3 minutes.

Back leg lift

Raise your legs on your back. Exercise parts: legs, abdomen, arms. Face up, lie on the yoga mat, bend one leg just enough for two hands to hold, inhale and slowly use your hands to close your thighs to the front chest, pull down as far as possible, and start to return and exhale at the same time. In this way, the left and right legs alternate for 3 minutes.

Lean up

Lean and pull up. Exercise area: waist, abdomen, arm. After lying down, pull up the upper part of the body with the strength of the waist, slowly pull the body upward until the upper part of the body is vertical to the horizontal line, and the head looks straight ahead. During the process, pay attention to the adjustment of breathing, avoid too much movement range, and carefully pull the spine.