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How to lose weight quickly and effectively in summer?

Which method is the most effective? If you want to have long straight legs like famous models, you need to work hard next time. Here's how to teach you some ways to thin elephant legs, so that you can show your beautiful legs.

Method 1: walk on tiptoe

Walk on tiptoe, and slowly move forward little by little. You don't need to take a big step, just walk steadily. You need to keep your legs straight all the time, so that you can lengthen your leg muscles and shape your leg lines.

Key points: clamp the hips, straighten the legs and stand on tiptoe.

Method 2: take big steps

As usual walking, you just need to step up your usual steps, bow your front legs, straighten your back legs and use your strength backward. When you feel the muscle stretching, it's right.

Main point: when you take a big step, step on the ground with the sole of your foot.

Method 3: kick backward

For the convenience of exerting force, the hands can be crossed at the waist, and then the legs can be kicked back with force, and walk backwards in this way to stretch your leg muscles as much as possible.

Main point: when kicking back hard, it will drive the body up.

Method 4: step by step

If you learn Taekwondo or have seen Taekwondo performance, you must know to kick one leg hard when attacking the other party. This thin leg sport is the same. It does not require a high kicking height, but it must be hard.

Method 5: jump forward

Move forward like a frog, jumping to the ground, so that you can exercise the calf muscles, make your calf muscles more powerful, and can tighten the calf muscles, make the calf more slender.

Point: the farther you jump, the better.

Method 6: walk and jump

Try to jump as hard as you want to be tall, so that you can relax your leg muscles and tighten them, making your legs stronger and slimmer.

Important: jump up hard.

Method 7: cross your legs

Walk forward with legs crossed, let the left thigh press the right thigh, and then use the inner part of the right thigh to press the left thigh, and move forward like this to slowly lengthen the thigh muscles.

Point: when crossing your legs, try to be as wide as possible.

These seven methods of thin elephant legs are very simple. You must have seen them. Let's practice more frequently.