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How to build a perfect belly with ballet

Beautiful introduction: why do most ballet dancers have good body shape and soft body? How do they do it? In fact, ballet dance has many basic movements and the same function of general body shaping movement, so that people who learn ballet always have a beautiful body shape that people admire. So how to make a perfect belly with ballet has become a question people continue to ask.

Today, we invite experts to teach you how to use simple basic ballet movements to create a beautiful figure and eliminate the abdomen! Bend back and lengthen the rectus abdominis to eliminate the abdomen.

1. Hold your hands on the pole in the preparation position. If there is no pole at home, you can replace it with a wooden cabinet. The height is about in front of your chest, and the heels of your feet should be as straight as possible.

2. Raise the right hand in a straight line with the body, keep the body still and face forward.

3. Use the power of the right hand to pull the upper body to the right and back. Do not lean forward. Pay attention to the straight line from the abdomen to the lower body, and look at the upper right side of the face. It can be repeated several times according to the human body.

Left and right stretches can stretch tight body, decorate waist curve. 1. Stand up with the upper body straight, put the left arm and right hand down naturally, cross the feet forward and backward, and point the toes out, so as to make the heel touch the toes of the other foot as much as possible.

2. Leave the pole with the left hand, draw an arc and stretch upward, extend the right hand straight to the right in front of the pole at an angle of about 45 degrees with the body, and keep the lower body still.

3. The left hand continues to extend in an arc shape to the upper right, driving the upper body to bend to the right, while the right hand extends to the front right, and the lower body remains motionless.

The Swan stretches the leg to modify the leg line, which has the function of lifting the buttocks. 1. The preparation position is the same as that of backward bending and stretching. Hold your hands on the pole, with the height about in front of your chest, and stand straight with the heels of your feet as close together as possible.

2. When the right toe touches the ground, slowly extend it back to the personal limit. Pay attention that the toe cannot leave the ground during the process, and then slowly return to the original position.

3. As in step 2, extend the right toe to the ground, straighten the instep and lift it off the ground slowly for a while, then put it down and slowly return to its original position. Move left foot.

Stretch and firm the arm line to eliminate the butterfly sleeve.

1. Stand up straight on the upper body, with the left arm and the right hand bent in an arc shape to place in front of the chest. Cross your feet forward and backward, with the toes facing out, and try to make the heel touch the toes of the other foot.

2. Stretch your right hand to the right, and feel the upper arm muscles ache, and keep your body still. It can be repeated several times according to the human body.

If the hand doesn't exert force during the wrong demonstration, the upper arm muscles will become loose and collapse, which can't achieve the effect.

Experts say Peng Shiya, a professional ballet dancer, should strive to do the basic ballet movements slowly, and the muscles need to be forced to achieve better results; each fixed-point movement should be done according to the strength, so as not to strain the muscles.