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Office abdominal exercises ol thin waist fitness

Office abdominal exercises, ol thin waist fitness is not wrong! Ol sitting in the office for a long time, resulting in abdominal fat accumulation, how to do office abdominal exercises, can not only close the abdomen and thin waist, but also correct the posture and joints, really thin waist fitness is not wrong!

Four causes of abdominal fat accumulation

The causes of abdominal protrusion are closely related to some bad habits in our daily life, which can be roughly divided into the following four points:

Sedentary life: lack of exercise and sedentary are the most common faults of modern people. It's a bad habit to sit and watch TV after eating, or to surf the Internet while eating snacks. After eating food, sitting still, sugar is converted into fat and becomes fat, which is stored in the abdomen.

Life pressure: in the face of work pressure, many people will take advantage of eating to relieve the pressure in their heart, or they often overeat and stop eating until they are full. Unconsciously, they take in too many calories and unnecessary food, which is easy to cause gastrointestinal protrusion.

Bad posture: many people's abdominal muscle strength is not enough. When they sit, they are used to paralyzing their body on the back of the chair, and unconsciously empty their back waist. Or when they walk, they are used to bending and hunching. Their body will unconsciously lean forward, and their lower abdomen will report to the police.

Poor defecation: many women are troubled by constipation. Once they are constipated for a long time, the waste of the human body will accumulate in the intestines. The surface of the intestines is like a filter. After the filter hole is blocked, chronic abdominal distension will form.

Joint correction and lean waist movement

Difficulty index: { weight loss index: {


1. Sit on the floor with the chair behind you and hold the back of the chair or other fixture with both hands.

2. Bend your knees, turn your legs to the outside, support your feet on the floor, retract your right foot, open your right knee outward, and stand still for 5 seconds. When you return to the original position, repeat the same action with your left leg for 30 times.

Note: practice half an hour a day, and you can get results in three weeks.

Abdominal exercises anytime and anywhere

Difficulty index: ★ weight loss index

Action: 1. Sit in a chair and lift your feet straight up to parallel with the ground. 2. Gently put your hands on your abdomen and slowly exhale. While exhaling, gradually tighten your lower abdomen.

3. The speed of exhalation is gradually accelerated. The lower abdomen is tighter and tighter, and the shoulders are relaxed. When the lower abdomen is tightest, the gas is also exhaled at the same time.

4. After the shoulders and abdomen are relaxed, slowly start to inhale as much as possible. At this time, the abdomen can be replaced by pressing the abdomen downward with both hands instead of contracting.

Note: insist on doing two or three times in the morning and afternoon every day, 8 beats each time, lasting for three months, the effect is remarkable. It can not only keep fit, but also relieve the pressure of work.

Eliminate abdomen


Difficulty index: { weight loss index: { weight loss index: {


1. Lie on the ground, put your heels on the chair easily, lift your thighs to 90 degrees with your body, and bend your knees to 90 degrees with your thighs and legs. Put your hands by your ears.

2. Abdominal force, slowly count to 5 speed, the shoulder toward the knee direction, at the highest point to stop for a while, and then slowly put down the body, repeat 5 times.

Note: hands do not need to hold the head, as long as easy on both sides, otherwise it will cause the neck and hand force is not correct; the body does not need to get up too much, but it must be very obvious to feel the abdominal force. Don't touch your shoulders to the ground when you're down and ready for the next move.

Recover abdominal fat

Difficulty index: { weight loss index: {


1. Sit in a chair, hold the chair with both hands, bend your knees and lift your legs up. 2. Put your hands gently on your abdomen and exhale slowly. Then inhale to tighten the abdomen.

3. The speed of exhalation is gradually accelerated, and the lower abdomen is also more and more tight. The shoulders should be relaxed, and the lower abdomen receives the tightest place. At this time, exhale.

4. Relax your shoulders and lower abdomen, then inhale slowly. As you inhale, relax your lower abdomen and press your hands down on your abdomen.

Note: this group of exercises is suitable for office women or people with slightly protruding lower abdomen, but it can only be effective if they insist on practicing.

Abdominal fat hoarding, women's body to teach you how to do office abdominal exercises, both fitness and body!