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Simple exercise after lunch helps digestion and teaches you how to keep fit

Don't take a nap immediately after lunch. Simple exercise is recommended to help digestion and keep slim. What kind of exercise is suitable for you after lunch? How to keep fit. After lunch time is very tense, but as long as a set of small movements to sit down, can help you relax.

1. Reverse arm stretching goal: stretch the arm to improve digestion efficiency. When you are sitting in the seat, one arm droops and the other arm is vertical. Stretch the arms in the opposite direction until there is a slight squeeze on the back. Because it's very effective, you can make your movements more open, so that you can relax more deeply. Exercise intensity: repeat 8 times.

2. Sitting knee rotation goal: relieve leg tension and consume excess insulin. After sitting in the seat, put the left leg on the knee of the right leg, hold the left knee with the right hand, hold the back of the chair with the left hand, and turn to the left. After turning to the maximum extent, keep returning for one second and repeat the direction exchange. Exercise intensity: repeat 10 times.

3. Objective: to eliminate the pressure on the waist, promote bile secretion, and keep the muscles of both legs tense. At the same time, hold the waist and eyes with both hands, and lift the whole body up to the front part. Intensity: no more than 45 seconds.

4. Objective: to relieve wrist tension and digestive congestion. In a free standing position, place both hands at the trouser lines on both sides of the body and look in front of the body; then keep the wrist to the shoulder still and shake the wrist at the same frequency. Intensity: no more than 30 seconds.

5. Objective: to relax the upper back and increase the gastric power. Standing or sitting posture is OK. Hold the head to the neck with both hands, keep the arms still, clamp the back muscles on both sides with the strength of the back, and repeat the action repeatedly. Movement intensity: the whole movement does not exceed 45 seconds.