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How does aerobics make you thin five minutes before going to bed?

If you want to lose weight, you must find the right way. How can aerobics make you become a thin beauty 5 minutes before going to bed? Adjust the crooked pelvis 5 minutes before going to bed every day to speed up metabolism, lose weight faster and become a thin beauty! Xiaobian will do aerobics with you!

Five minutes before going to bed every day

Slim willow waist, slender legs, tight hips & hellip; & hellip; with such a proud posture, the key lies in our pelvis. Five minutes before going to bed every day, through the adjustment of the skew pelvis, you can become a thin beauty. So, let's follow the slim waist mm to experience it!

Invisible killer -- crooked pelvis

Sitting cross legged, slanting shoulder backpack and so on, these often overlooked actions often become the invisible killer of pelvic skew. It is because the pelvis skew causes the body to lose balance, unconsciously makes a certain part of the body bear too much force, resulting in this part of the hard, poor blood circulation, metabolism deceleration, so it is difficult to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Ideal sleeping position with pelvic adjustment

Avoid unnecessary force on the body, that is to say, let it lie flat, and the pelvic adjustment is the best posture. Moreover, before going to bed, it can also relieve muscle soreness and fatigue for a day, which is a good way to improve body health!

Lesson 1: waist and hip slimming exercises

Slim waist, buttocks, unquestionably become an important indicator of perfect body shape. First, relax the pelvis and thigh joints to adjust the skew parts of the whole body, so as to stimulate the muscles around the waist, starting from the middle part of the body.

Upright, single knee step 1

Lie down on your back and stand up on one knee. Keep your body straight at this time. The arms are splayed out and placed on both sides of the body.

Step 2. Put your knees down

Slowly move outward on your upright knees and try to get as close to the ground as possible. The sole of the foot clings to the outstretched leg. Keep your upper body straight and don't shake your waist.

Step 3: Kneel again

Put the knee back upright, and then straighten the knee, so that the leg is straight. In this way, change legs again, cross left and right, five times each.

Lesson 2: abdominal and thigh slimming exercises

Up and down activities of the waist, will help to strengthen the pelvic muscle group and thigh muscle activity, to improve constipation is also very helpful yo!

Step 1. Lie on your back

Lie flat in a standard position. Knees up and open, waist width. The arms are splayed out and placed on both sides of the body.

Step 2, hold up the waist

Support your body by your shoulders and feet, and slowly lift your waist. Subconsciously stretch the inside of your thighs and hold for seven seconds.

Step 3. Close your knees

While holding up the waist, keep your knees together for seven seconds. It feels like you're tightening your pelvis. Then slowly release the waist and return to the position in step 1. Repeat 2-3 times.

Lesson 3: arm and chest exercises

Through the activities of the upper body, especially the forearm and lateral abdominal muscles, pectoralis major will also be exercised. Therefore, it can also achieve breast enhancement and eliminate the effect of shoulder acid Oh!

Step 1. Lie on your back

Lie flat in a standard position. Legs and waist width, taut instep. Arms flat, palms on the ground, naturally on both sides of the body.

Step 2. Stretch your arms close to your ears

Spread your arms out and move in the direction of your head, as close to your ears as possible. Subconsciously stretch the side abdomen.

Step 3: draw an arc and put down your arms

Extend your arms to the top of your head, draw an arc and slowly lower them from the top of your body. Repeat steps 1-3 three times.

Lesson 4: hypnosis, relaxation and exercise

Sleep is an important time to activate metabolism and restore hormone balance. Therefore, in order to get deep sleep, we have to carry out the final finishing exercise to stretch and relax our body and mind.

Step 1. Lie on your back

Place a cushion or pillow behind your back near your chest in a flat position. The arms are naturally placed on both sides of the body. Legs open shoulder width, shoulders relaxed.

Step 2: make a surrender gesture

Raise your hands to the top and place them straight beside your ears. At the same time, breathe deeply with your abdomen.

Step 3. Hold for ten seconds

When your hands reach your ears, keep breathing for ten seconds. Be careful not to bend your elbows. Then release your strength in an instant.