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What problems should be paid attention to in training aerobics and shaping body?

Girls are trying to exercise themselves and shape their perfect bodies. Then do aerobics. But what problems should we pay attention to when we practice aerobics and shape our body!

1、 Neck 1, sitting or standing, turn the head as far as possible to draw a circle, clockwise and anticlockwise alternately. 2. Put your hands behind your head, and your chin is close to your chest. Then press your hands down on your head and raise your head back at the same time. 5-10 times per minute. 3. Lie on your back with your arms close to your sides. Slowly lift the head and press the chin as close to the chest as possible until the limit. Do it 5-20 times a minute.

2、 Shoulder 1, arm loop: stand naturally on both legs and clench hands. Then straighten your arms and do a large loop movement until you feel tired. More than 40 rounds per minute. 2. Double arms cross side flat lift: clench the fists, do a quick cross action in front of the straight arm body, restore. Repeat until tired. 40 times per minute is appropriate. 3. Front lift: unarmed, 20-30 times per minute. It can also be done with dumbbells. Side lift: unarmed, 15-20 times per minute. It can also be done with dumbbells.

3、 Arm 1. Dumbbell bending: stand naturally on both legs, hold dumbbells upward with palms of both hands, hang down arms, turn up to chest, stop for a while, and slowly return from the original way. It can also be done alternately with one hand. 2. Arm flexion and extension: stand naturally on both legs, hold a dumbbell in both hands. At the beginning, the arm straightens over the head, and then slowly bends to the back of the head, so that the dumbbell is placed at the back of the neck, and then slowly extend the hand to restore. 3. Flexion and extension: upper body forward bending parallel to the ground, knees slightly bent, arm bending dumbbell, fist heart relative. The flat arm is extended back parallel to the ground and slowly restored.

4、 Chest 1, push ups: 10-20 times per minute. 2. Standing naturally with dumbbells in both hands, one hand is raised horizontally with shoulder height, and the other hand is drooping along the side of the body. Then the two arms in the body alternately raise dumbbells. 25-30 times per minute. 3. Slant board horizontal push: lie on your back with dumbbells on your side. Then raise the dumbbell in turn in front of the head. 20-30 times per minute.

5、 Waist abdomen 1, sit ups: 8-15 times in each group. Do three groups. Fat people had better bend their legs. 2. Lie on your back, legs straight, arms up. Then quickly bend the knees to close the abdomen, hold the knees with both hands, and slowly extend to restore. About 20 times a minute. 3. Lie on your back, holding your head in both hands and bending your knees separately. Abdomen to make the upper body lift, adhere to about 3 minutes (intermittent rest).

6、 The buttock is plump, round and full of elasticity. It is an important part to reflect the beauty of women's body. 1. Lie on your back with a heavy weight on your hips. Then the buttocks lift up, to the highest point, static for a moment, slowly fall down. About 20 lifts per minute. 2. Kneeling and leg raising: Kneel with both hands, kneel with one leg, bend the other leg to the chest first, and then straighten backward and upward quickly and maximally. When you feel tired, change your other leg.

3. Lie on your back with your head leaning to one side and straighten your legs together. Then lift your legs as far as possible, perpendicular to the upper body, and slowly restore. About 20 times a minute. This movement also exercises the waist and abdomen. 4. Side lying and leg raising: lie on your side straight, toes straight, the arms under your body extend to the front of your head, rest your head on it, and bend your elbow in front of your chest to support the ground. Then, lift the upper leg to the highest point and slowly restore it. Repeat 15-20 times. Turn to the other side and lift the other leg. The legs should not be bent when raised.

7、 Thigh 1, supine, legs bent knees in front of the chest. Then straighten up, perpendicular to the upper body. Slow reduction, 15-20 times per minute. 2. Stand upright, with one hand supporting the support and the other supporting the waist. Then swing your legs to do a side lift. Alternate legs. 25-30 times per minute. 3. Hold the back of the chair with both hands and squat, then stand up and squat. 25-30 times per minute. 4. Stand upright, hands akimbo. Then the legs are bent and lifted to the chest alternately. 25-30 times per minute. 5. Kneeling and kicking: bend forward, support the ground with both hands, kneel down with knees, parallel to the ground, raise your head and look ahead. Then, first straighten one leg, kick back and up, restore. Change the other leg. Do it once on the left and right for 1 time, 15-20 times.

8、 Leg 1, upright, two hands on a fixed object, the front foot on a brick, heel hanging. Then lift the heel, lift it as high as possible, stop and drop. Pay attention to keep balance and don't swing left and right. Do it 15-20 times a minute. 2. Sit back in a chair with your thighs up. Then raise the leg, as far as possible straight, restore. 15-20 times per minute. 3. Stand with the upper body leaning forward, heel on the ground, toes up. Walk forward with your heels.

What problems should we pay attention to when we practice aerobics and shape our body? Sihai beauty body has been interpreted for you, continue to refuel and practice!