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In swimming, easily thin legs into super thin legs

Beauty tips: losing weight and losing weight is a topic that girls enjoy all the time. The best aerobic exercise in summer is swimming. When swimming, you can lose weight quickly through simple movements. The following will teach you how to thin the fastest and most effective, so that you in the cool in the repair of beautiful legs!

Swimming coach Yan Shiyun said that except for one hour after dinner, aerobic exercise in water can be carried out at any time, regardless of whether you can swim or not. Yan Shiyun suggests that the water depth in the pool should be at the chest position after standing up straight, and the water temperature should be maintained at about 25 ℃ in the indoor swimming pool, or outdoor swimming should be avoided at noon, so as to avoid excessive sweating during exercise due to high temperature There is dehydration crisis; if the water temperature is too low, it is easy to have cramps or lose body temperature. The general swimsuit can be worn. If you often exercise, you can match it with swimsuit with skirt to increase the resistance of legs in water; on the contrary, beginners should choose swimsuit without skirt as far as possible, which can reduce the resistance during walking. Yan Shiyun pointed out that 40-50 minutes of aerobic exercise in water can increase muscle endurance of large muscle groups and strengthen cardiopulmonary function; however, although in water, weight loss of 90% due to buoyancy can avoid joint bearing body

The body is too heavy, but for the sake of safety, you should warm up and stretch on the land before you go into the water to avoid cramping in the water.

It seems that aerobic exercise in water is not difficult. It mainly uses water resistance to achieve muscle strength training of limbs.

Action 1 cross the water


Open your feet to the left and right about a little bit wider than your shoulders. Open your hands and arms on both sides of your thighs to help balance your body.


Move the right foot to the back of the left foot to make the legs cross. Then open the left foot to the left, and then move the right foot to the back of the left foot. After walking about 25 meters, change the left foot to step back. The water resistance can firm the muscles on the inside and outside of the thigh.

Action 2 up down


Keep the heels of the feet together, bend the knees slightly, lift the hands and arms forward to the position of shoulder height, and keep the arms and palms flat on the horizontal plane.


Double arms down to the back of the thigh about 45 degrees, then you will feel the body jump up, natural tiptoe. Stroke the arm upward to make the body sink until the arm is flat on the water surface. Repeat the whole movement for 30 times to modify the arm line.

Action 3 floating plate advancing and retreating to increase resistance


Feet together, hands and arms straight, hands on both sides of the floating board, floating board about 1 / 2 of the area of vertical force into the water.


Keep 1 / 2 of the floating board in the water, and then use both hands and arms to draw the board to the chest. At the same time, step forward with your right foot.


Push the floating board forward and step on the right foot with a big step behind. Repeat the whole movement with the right foot forward and backward for 30 times, and change the left foot for 30 times. Steps 1-3 can strengthen the cardiopulmonary function and tighten the arm lines.