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All round aerobics, you can lose as much as you want

I have my own experience in weight loss. I used to be fat and it was difficult to lose weight. I strengthened physical exercise, but I don't know how to exercise properly. Now I'm thin, but the place that should be thin is not thin, and the place that shouldn't be thin is thin. Based on my experience, I should exercise my weight loss scientifically to have a charming figure.

So how to do different aerobics? Don't worry, the editor will introduce them to you one by one, but you should learn them carefully! Now start to take the right seats and see where you want to be thin!

1. Quadriceps femoris

Face down, place the scroll in the hip position

(a) The body inclines to the left leg and uses the left leg as support,

(b) Let the scroll roll between the knees and hips.

2. Posterior tendon of leg

Sit down with your left leg on the scroll, your right knee bent, your hands on the floor behind you, supporting your body

(a) Roll the scroll from the knee to the hip,

(b) Change legs.

3. Lean legs sit on the ground, legs straight forward, hands on the ground behind, supporting the weight of the body. Place a scroll under your knee and slowly roll it from your knee to your ankle, then to your knee.

4. Back

Sit on the ground, with the scroll behind you, your hands interlaced behind your head, your upper body leaning back and lying on the scroll

(a) Contract the abdomen and buttocks and roll the scroll slowly

5. Outside of leg

Lie on your side with the scroll under your left hip

(a) Tighten the abdomen and buttocks, keep the body in balance, and slowly roll the scroll from hip to knee

(b) Repeat on the other side.

The key to losing weight through exercise is perseverance. As long as you keep exercising, you must have a charming figure. Come on~