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Aerobics slimming and fitness after the Spring Festival

After the Spring Festival, aerobics slimming and fitness! Eating and drinking all the Spring Festival, my stomach is bulging! Teach you a set of abdominal exercises, which will be carried out after 2 hours of diet to improve gastrointestinal function, reduce waist and abdomen, and practice aerobics after the festival.

Step 1. Lean over and tuck in

1. Bend your knees and knees together, with your thighs at a 90 degree right angle to your lower legs, your toes on the ground, your upper body bent forward, your arms straightened, your palms on the ground to support your body, and your waist, abdomen and hip muscles tightened to balance your upper body with the ground and your head down.

2. The buttocks are slowly lifted upward, the legs are straightened, the soles of the feet touch the ground, and the upper body is connected with the two arms in a straight line, so that the whole body forms a right triangle with the ground.

3. While inhaling, kick up the right leg back and up, keep the knee and elbow straight, and connect the right leg with the upper body and arm in a straight line.

4. Exhale slowly, sink your hips, pull your upper body forward and restore the posture of balancing with the ground, stretch your left leg, bend your shoulders again, bend your right leg forward and fold it under your chest. Then exhale again, raise your right leg, lean your hips up, and do 5 times on the left and right.

Step 2. Standing abdominal exercises

1. Stand with your left leg straight, put your weight on your left foot, bend your right leg to your knees, hold your thigh and heel with both hands, and lean your right ankle against your left knee to fix it.

2. Then keep your balance, loosen your hands, lift your arms forward, palms down, lift your upper body up, tighten your abdomen, sink and tighten your hip muscles, and keep your posture for a few seconds.

3. While breathing, bend down your left knee forward, sink your hips, make your thighs and legs 90 degrees, squat, lean your upper body forward slightly, and lift your arms flat. Inhale slowly, stand straight again, and go back and forth 15 times.

Step 3. Lying down and abdominal exercises

1. Lie and sit with your legs together, your knees slightly bent, the angle between your thighs and lower legs is greater than 90 degrees, your heels touch the ground, your upper body is straight and tilted back, your arms bend your elbows back, and support your body with your lower arms.

2. Keep your upper body posture, straighten your knees, lift your lower legs up and off the ground, straighten your legs, and exert force on your waist and abdomen at the same time, but pay attention to moderate strength to avoid leaning back and falling.

3. Keep the upper body supine on the ground, straighten and lift the legs, inhale and open the legs at an angle as large as possible.

4. Then exhale slowly, bring your legs closer to the center, put your right leg on the top and your left leg on the ground, and cross your legs at your knees. At this time, the muscles inside your left and right thighs should be tightened.

5. After exhaling, inhale slowly again, spread your legs, then exhale, cross your legs in the air, exchange the positions of your left and right legs, and do it back and forth 15 times.