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Fitness hip-hop dance weight loss fat burning local exercise has good body shaping effect

Fitness, hip-hop dance, weight loss, fat burning, local exercise, good body shaping effect! Fitness hip-hop dance is a kind of low-intensity aerobic exercise. In dance, it can consume body fat and has a strong role in shaping the body locally. Let's practice together!

Fat reduction principle:

Fitness hip-hop is a kind of low-intensity aerobic exercise. Usually, a class is about 45 minutes to 1 hour. In dance, it can mobilize all motor cells, consume body fat, and shape local muscles.

The whole set of movements includes all kinds of foot Kung Fu, such as walking, running, jumping, and combined movements such as rotation, flexion, extension and wavy twisting of various joints of head, neck, shoulder and limb. Each action can play a local fitness effect.

Stepping on the beat, the action on the foot is relatively simple, basically the left and right exchange of center of gravity; The upper body swings left and right as a whole with the transfer of center of gravity. Bend your arms upward, then cross and do two beats; Then open the big arm to both sides, open the palm outward, sink the left and right elbows twice respectively, and sink the waist at the same time. When focusing on one side, twist the upper body slightly to this side to emphasize the range of action.

Keep the action of group A, then follow the rhythm in the fourth beat to move the upper body forward twice, open your arms forward, and follow the upper body to draw an arc in the front of the body; One of the rhythms consists of a fast leg movement. Stretch your right hand upward, your left hand downward, and take a step backward with your left foot; Then the next beat, the right leg retracts one step backward, the legs bend slightly, and the hands retract quickly to the chest at the same time; In the next beat, open your hands, look to the left, take a step to the right with your right foot, take the last beat, retract your right leg and close your palm.

Take a step to the left with your left foot, put your forefoot on the ground, focus on your right leg, pull your upper body to the upper right, and make two beats on both sides. In the next two beats, the body makes a wave rolling from bottom to top, like conducting an electric current, and then makes a wave from top to bottom.

Bend your forearm slightly, raise your hands high, and move your body forward. In the second beat, bend your left hand in the front of your body, close to your right shoulder, and your right hand back close to your back. At the same time, take a step forward with your right foot, and still focus on your left foot. In the third beat, both feet jump back at the same time. In the fourth beat, the left arm extends straight to the ground, the right arm is relaxed and slightly bent, the left foot takes a step forward, and the heel touches the ground. In the fifth beat, lift the knee of the left leg, control the balance of the body with the strength of the waist, lean the upper body back slightly, straighten the left hand and stretch to the right in the front of the body; The sixth beat is the same as above, once on the right.

In the last beat, take a step to the left with your left foot, stretch your waist and shoulders to the left, and turn your head to the right. In the second half of this beat, you need to retract your right leg immediately, and then turn your head completely to the left.


Don't think there are obstacles to learning new things at the beginning. In fact, hip-hop dance is really simple. Grasp the rhythm and follow the teacher confidently. You will see good results within a week.

Tips for learning hip-hop dance:

First, learn to listen to music, find the right rhythm, and let the body follow the rhythm; Secondly, in the imitation practice, although the coach's actions can not be blindly deducted, it is good to imitate in place as much as possible, carefully watch the coach's steps, and then add the upper body movement practice; It's very important that you don't suddenly increase the amount of exercise when learning hip-hop, and leave more interest for the next practice, but you must learn a few moves, otherwise it's easy to give up without a sense of achievement.

Fitness hip-hop dance fitness and weight loss are the same. Take action quickly and dance a fitness dance! Xiaobian is moving with everyone!