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The key points and precautions of slimming dumbbell exercises have a good effect on shaping and beau

Slimming dumbbell exercises exercise points and precautions, good body shaping effect! Dumbbell movement is not limited by the venue and is economical. But not many people know how to use dumbbells correctly. Xiaobian, let's take you to know the body shaping secret of small dumbbells.

Can dumbbells practice 'muscle girl'?

Many girls don't like dumbbells. They are worried that they will practice muscle pieces and affect their beauty. Fitness coach faith said that this is completely over worried. Men have 10 times more hormones than women to promote muscle growth. Women don't have such conditions unless they are very intensive training. On the contrary, appropriate dumbbell training can improve women's basic metabolism and achieve the effect of losing weight without rebound.

Famous model Cindy Crawford is a spokesman for dumbbell gymnastics. Her bodybuilding secret is: small dumbbell + perseverance = devil figure. Dumbbell exercise is an aerobic exercise combined with dumbbell exercise. The dumbbells used are brightly colored and small, each weighing only two or three kilograms.

Holding dumbbells during jump exercises can make some simple repetitive movements more interesting. Proper weight bearing can also make the muscles of the whole body move, especially for the arms, shoulders and back. At the beginning of dumbbell exercises, there may be pain in muscles and joints. As long as you rest for a few days, the pain will disappear by itself.

How to choose the right dumbbell?

For dumbbell exercise, first choose the dumbbell with appropriate weight. On this issue, the reporter interviewed fitness coach faith. She said that if the purpose of exercise is to strengthen muscles, dumbbells with 65% to 85% load should be selected.

For example, if the load that can be lifted each time is 10kg, you should choose dumbbells weighing 6.5kg to 8.5Kg for exercise. Practice 5 to 8 groups every day, 6 to 12 times in each group. The action speed should not be too fast, with an interval of 2 to 3 minutes in each group.

If women want to lose fat, they can choose a lighter dumbbell of about 3kg. It is suggested that they should practice 15 to 25 times in each group, with an interval of 1 to 2 minutes. They can choose their favorite music to practice with.

Some office workers have also come up with a way to replace dumbbells with mineral water bottles. For example, choose a large bottle of mineral water or sand filling in an empty bottle, so you can exercise at any time in the office.

Are dumbbells only suitable for bodybuilders?

At that time, Schwarzenegger's body-building muscles were mainly obtained through dumbbell exercise. Therefore, people are used to equate dumbbell fitness with bodybuilding. In fact, the dumbbell training we usually do, whether it's dumbbell weight or training method, is different from bodybuilding.

Because the two dumbbells are completely independent, if you don't train for a long time, you are likely to wobble when doing the movement. Therefore, in order to maintain balance and stability, the body will use all possible muscles, including all small auxiliary and stabilizing muscles

This can improve people's coordination and control, and make you look taller in life. If your body muscles are asymmetrical on both sides, you can also do some unilateral training to adjust.

Can dumbbells only exercise the upper limbs?

Some people think that dumbbells can only practice bodybuilding upper limbs. If you want to exercise comprehensively, you need other complex equipment. It's not. If you hold the dumbbell tightly at the back of your neck during sit ups, you can increase the load of abdominal muscle exercise and improve the exercise effect.

During back flexion and extension exercises, dumbbells can also be used to increase the load of back muscles to stimulate the growth of back muscles. Holding dumbbells to do lateral flexion or rotation can exercise internal and external oblique muscles.

Straight arm front lift and side flat lift holding dumbbells can exercise shoulder and chest muscles. In addition, dumbbells can also exercise lower limb muscles, such as holding dumbbells, squatting on one foot, squatting and jumping on both feet, etc.

Have you got a better understanding of dumbbell exercises? When practicing dumbbell exercises, we should pay attention to these problems and never ignore them!