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How to lose weight easily and efficiently in popular aerobics

How to lose weight easily in 2011 popular aerobics? Efficient slimming exercise recommended! 2011 the most effective and popular way to lose weight exposure, want to lose weight efficiently, 2011 popular aerobics recommended to you, like fast action.

Aerobic fighting to lose weight

Aerobic combat is another kind of fitness and slimming exercise popular in Europe and the United States, and has the effect of self-defense at the same time. Aerobic combat combines the technical movements of boxing, taekwondo, karate, Muay Thai, free combat and martial arts, with strong music to keep fit and slim in entertainment. Aerobic combat has the characteristics of fast rhythm, high strength, fat reduction and shaping. It doesn't increase muscle size, and it consumes excess fat in the body. After a period of training, body shape will be significantly improved.

Fatlek slimming run

Jogging, once popular in Europe and America, has evolved into fartlek in the new century Fartlek 'comes from Sweden, which means' the game of speed'. This way of running is by the Olympic coach gerst & middot; Homer's fast and slow running method.

This kind of fast and slow running mode does not need to follow the orderly rules, but can adjust the speed and difficulty according to their own ability. At Neville, researchers found that a 70 minute fast jogger still burns fat fast for 15 hours after running. However, those who use steady pace jogging can not achieve this effect.

Water jogging

Water jogging has been popular among obese patients in Europe and America in summer. As the weather gets cooler, some elderly and fat people have transferred the water jogging field to the indoor constant temperature swimming pool. The advantage of water jogging is that the buoyancy generated by water offsets part of the body weight, and it is not easy to have muscle sprain or ligament strain.

And because the density and heat transfer of water is greater than that of air, the resistance of water is 12 times that of air, so the energy consumption of water is much higher than that of land. Through water jogging, people's abdomen and legs can get good exercise, leg and abdominal fat can be effectively removed.

How to lose weight easily in 2011 popular aerobics? Efficient slimming exercise recommended! There are more articles about Calisthenics in It's easy to lose weight!