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What aspects should the nursing of infantile myocarditis pay attention to

Children with myocarditis should combine work with rest. Children with myocarditis need to stay in bed for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, arrange appropriate mild activities. Parents should pay special attention not to let their children too tired, and they should not be inactive at all, which is not conducive to the recovery and recovery of children.

Children with myocarditis should have a light diet. Children's diet should be rich in nutrition, should be light and easy to digest, can eat more milk, bean products, carrots, etc., do not eat stimulating, spicy food, in order to reduce the heart burden, should appropriately reduce the intake of salt. Eating more vegetables and fruits can supplement vitamin C and B vitamins, enhance resistance and prevent upper respiratory tract infection

The environment of children with myocarditis should be comfortable. Pay attention to keep the environment quiet, fresh air, ventilation to prevent convection, to avoid cold, because a cold will aggravate myocarditis, so do not go to crowded public places; people at home cold, should try to isolate.

Children with myocarditis should keep defecation unobstructed. Must keep defecation unobstructed, if constipation, defecation will be very hard, thus affecting the heart, aggravating the condition.

Children with myocarditis should be reexamined regularly. Premature beats caused by myocarditis need to last several years to disappear. There is no special treatment for this symptom. It is particularly important to pay attention to the combination of rest and rest. At the same time, it is necessary to eliminate children's unnecessary concerns and go to the hospital for review regularly.