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Nursing of baby after wrestling

When the baby just learned to walk, he was often excited, running and jumping around. His mother told him to run slowly, and he left it behind. Baby is easy to wrestle, sometimes he will get up on his own, and then continue his pursuit, but sometimes he is not so lucky, after wrestling crying. After the baby falls, the mother should first check the baby's injury, first remove the fracture symptoms, confirm that it is not a fracture, and then clean the wound. Therefore, the mother needs to master some first-aid treatment methods:

Identify fractures

If the baby falls heavily, there will be obvious signs of fracture:

1. Severe pain and limited movement of affected limb;

2. The tenderness in the affected area was very obvious;

3. Swelling of the affected part and discoloration of the skin;

4. In the case of joint dislocation and severe fracture, limb deformation occurs.

Corresponding countermeasures:

1. If the limbs can not move freely or are obviously limited, and there is obvious swelling and deformity in the injured part, the injured should go to the hospital immediately. In the process of going to the hospital, we should avoid moving the fracture site. In case of limb fracture, a board shall be found to fix both ends of the fracture on the board; in case of waist, chest, back and rib fracture, a stretcher shall be found, and a board shall be placed on the stretcher, or the child shall be directly carried to the hospital by the board for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. Do not move with the injured child on your back or in your arms. Otherwise, the nerves and blood vessels may be damaged due to the dislocation of the fracture site, aggravating the disease and even endangering life.

2. For bleeding at fracture, compression hemostasis or rubber band tube and rubber band encircling limbs can be used to stop bleeding before sending to hospital. Relax once every 30 minutes or so, so as not to affect blood circulation and lead to limb ischemia and necrosis.