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There are many factors of constipation in children

Experts pointed out that most babies are constipated clinically. What are the causes of constipation? This is a question that many parents want to ask. When babies are small, because they can only feed milk and food with water, they often have constipation.

Experts give you a detailed introduction on the factors of constipation in children:

① The influence of mental factors children are suddenly mental stimulation, such as fright, or changes in living environment, etc., can appear temporary constipation.

② Some diseases can cause constipation, such as anal stenosis or congenital myasthenia.

③ Lack of good habits of defecation children should develop the habit of regular defecation from childhood, regular defecation under the effect of conditioned reflex. The child is playful and consciously suppresses defecation. After a long time, the sensitivity of the nerves at the end of the intestine to fecal stimulation decreases. Feces are stored in the rectum for a long time, and the water is absorbed and becomes dry and hard, which is difficult to be discharged.

④ Food collocation is unreasonable, such as the amount of protein in the food is more, the carbohydrate is less, the fermentation process of the food in the intestine is weak, and the stool is dry. Little children have the problem of partial eating, like to eat fish and meat, do not like to eat fruits and vegetables. Due to the lack of fiber in food, it is easy to constipate. Artificial feeding infants, milk casein and calcium more than human milk, stool containing a variety of insoluble calcium soap, prone to constipation. Most of the causes of constipation in newborns (less than 28 days after birth) are as follows:

Artificial feeding: milk contains more calcium soap after digestion, which is easy to cause dry stool and constipation.

It's worth noting that if the newborn doesn't defecate for a few days, it's not necessarily constipation. Because the defecation mechanism is not mature, it's impossible to defecate regularly. It's often necessary to have a lot of feces. The nerves in the rectal wall feel the swelling pressure, which leads to reflex defecation. This is the reason why some babies can defecate once in a few days. If they are stimulated by a thermometer, it can also cause reflex Defecate.

Insufficient milk: if you eat less milk, or vomit more, or eat rehydration of children can cause temporary defecation. In addition, the myometrium of the digestive tract of the newborn is not fully developed, which is easy to cause constipation and may be accompanied by vomiting. As long as the weight of children does not drop, vomiting and constipation are normal.

Surgical diseases: possible malformations include intestinal atresia, intestinal stenosis, intestinal malrotation, congenital megacolon, congenital anorectal absence, sacrococcygeal spina bifida, meningocele, tumor compression of cauda equina nerve, etc. these diseases are often accompanied by severe vomiting and abdominal distention, which need timely diagnosis and treatment.

The above are some related introductions about the reasons of infantile constipation from experts, hoping to help you. For children who eat mother's milk, due to the complete absorption of mother's milk and the small amount of stool, some babies will defecate for several days instead, not necessarily as soon as they eat. Therefore, it is not necessarily constipation that the newborn does not defecate for a few days. The way to judge whether the newborn is constipated is to observe the character of stool. If the character is normal, it is also normal that the newborn does not defecate for a few days.