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How to guard against children's hand, foot and mouth disease in winter?

How to guard against children's hand, foot and mouth disease in winter? Hand, foot and mouth disease is a common infectious disease in children caused by a variety of human enteroviruses. It mainly occurs in children under the age of 5. It is characterized by rash and oral ulcer, and some are accompanied by fever. If your child has a rash or oral ulcer, you should be vigilant about whether it is hand, foot and mouth disease. You need to take your child to the hospital.

What are the symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease? Are the consequences serious?

Most hand, foot and mouth diseases are mild and can heal themselves after 7-10 days without treatment. However, in some cases, complications may occur, which is very dangerous. Complications include meningitis, encephalitis, etc. In case of complications, the symptoms will worsen, such as high fever, severe headache, stiff neck, back pain, etc. Therefore, parents should always pay attention to whether their children have skin rash, oral herpes or ulcer, pay attention to their children's mental state, and take their children to see a doctor in time in case of abnormalities.

How is HFMD contagious?

The saliva, herpes fluid and feces of patients with hand, foot and mouth disease contain a large number of viruses, which can pollute hands, towels, handkerchiefs, water cups, toothbrushes, toys, tableware, bedding and clothes, and then infect them through mouth by contacting these things. The patient's pharyngeal secretions also contain viruses, which can also be transmitted through the respiratory tract through coughing, sneezing and talking.

Preventive measures of hand, foot and mouth disease

1. Wash children's hands with soap or hand sanitizer before meals, after defecation and after going out. Do not drink raw water or eat raw and cold food to avoid contacting sick children.

2. Baby bottles and pacifiers should be fully cleaned before and after use.

3. Try not to take children to public places where people gather and the air circulation is poor, so as to reduce the chance of infection. Pay attention to keep the environment of the family and classroom clean, keep ventilated and dry clothes and quilts frequently.

4. Children with relevant symptoms should go to the hospital in time. Children with mild diseases do not need to be hospitalized. They should be treated at home and rest to reduce cross infection.

5. Nurseries and kindergartens shall do a good job of morning inspection every day. If children have symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease, they shall inform their parents in time.

After reading the above contents, we should have some understanding of how to guard against children's hand, foot and mouth disease in winter. More topics on how to guard against children's hand, foot and mouth disease in winter will be introduced in the next article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!