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A good way to solve baby insomnia

A good way to solve the baby's insomnia. In order to let the baby sleep quietly, the mother will try her best to give full play to her intelligence, but sometimes it backfires. It seems that it is not easy for the baby to sleep. If you master the right way to coax your baby to sleep, the situation will immediately become different. Here are five tips to solve the baby's insomnia problem!

Tip 1: if you want your baby to sleep well at night, you must reasonably arrange their activities during the day. During the day, let the baby have fun and tired. At night, they will naturally sleep soundly. In addition, the baby's nap time should not be too long, generally about two hours is enough; Don't let the baby eat too full before dinner and going to bed; After dinner, you can properly carry out some relaxed and quiet activities, but don't get too excited. Before going to bed, give your baby a comfortable warm bath, which is helpful for sleep.

Coup 2: in order to relieve the baby's mood, you can also try to play some soft music such as Serenade or lullaby in the room, or gently hug the baby in bed, sing, sing, sing and tell stories with him, so that he can slowly go to sleep.

Coup 3: when the baby still refuses to sleep after all kinds of coaxing, parents must not be too impatient, and their words and actions should be calm. First of all, ensure that the baby does not get out of bed. Parents can attract him to stay in bed with pictures, story books or toys. If the baby insists on getting out of bed, he should also try to stay in his room and play, and then coax him to bed in a soft voice. If the baby insists on going out of the door, parents can turn off the lights outside the room and stay in the room. When the baby takes a step and finds that there is no one outside, he will naturally turn back for help. At this time, you can say to him quietly but firmly: it's dark, everyone is sleeping, the mother doesn't go, and the baby doesn't go, okay? The baby is actually very smart. When he sees such an environment, he will choose to stay in a warm room with his mother. At this time, you can talk to him quietly, touch his back, pinch the soles of his feet and toes, and then tell him it's time to sleep rather than play. The baby will gradually calm down and finally choose to sleep safely.

Tip 4: if the baby is restless and sleepy at night due to tooth discomfort or weather reasons, you can use 10g ivory silk, 6G white peony, 15g stone cassia, 15g malt, 3 dates, 100g lean meat, put it in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water to boil for a medium hour, fry it into a bowl, and give it to him twice. When the baby's sleep is hindered by prickly heat, you can appropriately use some prickly heat powder (such as baby hot prickly heat powder, containing natural mint and eucalyptus oil) after bathing to make the baby feel refreshing and comfortable and reduce itching. However, it should be noted that the baby should be cleaned in time after sweating to avoid powder stains and dirt blocking pores and sweat glands

Coup 5: after efforts, when the baby's sleep habits gradually improve, we still can't take it lightly. We should continue to work hard. Let the baby work and rest on time and go to bed regularly every day. Don't break this law at will; Don't watch TV before going to bed, don't tell too exciting stories, and don't get too excited; Pay attention to indoor air circulation; The bed should not be too soft, the bedding should not be too thick, and the baby's sleeping position should not be forced to be limited.