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What does the medicine that treats darling diarrhoea quickly have?

What does the medicine that treats darling diarrhoea quickly have? Generally speaking, children with severe diarrhea need intravenous infusion treatment, here we only discuss oral treatment. Generally, oral drugs for diarrhea include antibiotics, mucosal protective agents, microecological agents, traditional Chinese medicine, etc. Let's meet each other separately.

Treatment of infantile diarrhea: common drugs for diarrhea

1、 Antibiotics: this kind of medicine is mainly for bacterial enteritis. There are many kinds of drugs. When choosing drugs, the doctor often according to the clinical characteristics and stool test results of the children, and combined with the children's medication history and allergy history. The clinical problems of this kind of drugs are quite prominent, and there are many abuse phenomena, such as the family leader is anxious and increases the dosage without authorization; If one kind of medicine is not good, add another and use it blindly; The medicine prescribed by the doctor doesn't work. Go to the drugstore to buy the medicine advertised or recommended by others, resulting in repeated use; Irregular medication, take when stop, the child became the test. These practices belong to the abuse of antibiotics, its most serious consequence is the further disorder of intestinal flora, the proliferation of drug-resistant bacteria, leading to drug-resistant enteritis, namely antibiotic associated diarrhea. Therefore, whether to use antibiotics for non bacterial enteritis must be in accordance with the doctor's advice, otherwise there will be many future problems.

2、 Mucosal protective agents: as the name suggests, these drugs can cover the intestinal mucosa, absorb pathogens and toxins, enhance the barrier function of intestinal mucosa, and prevent the attack of pathogenic microorganisms. Commonly used drugs are smecta, Biqi, etc. Take this kind of medicine should pay attention to its usage, one is fasting, two should emphasize the proportion with water. Fasting does not mean before meals, but preferably between meals; How to mix with water, be sure to read the drug instructions carefully. These two good, will greatly reduce the symptoms of children, shorten the course of disease.

3、 Probiotics: mainly refer to bifidobacteria, Lactobacillus and other live bacterial preparations beneficial to the ecological balance of normal intestinal flora. It can inhibit the colonization and invasion of pathogenic bacteria, regulate and restore the intestinal microecology, so as to control diarrhea. Because this kind of medicine is a viable preparation, remember not to take it with hot water or with antibiotics. In addition, this kind of medicine focuses on conditioning, such as children with simple dyspepsia or diarrhea caused by parenteral infection, when the symptoms are prolonged and repeated, it can be taken, but the course of treatment should be long.

4、 Traditional Chinese medicine: many of the existing Chinese patent medicine preparations are effective in clinic. The key is how to improve the compliance of the baby's medication. We should avoid vomiting caused by feeding after meals, or strong rebellion caused by hard feeding. We should try to find some methods that the baby is willing to accept, so as to make it possible to feed smoothly.

In short, if children with diarrhea choose the right medicine and use it well, it can not only shorten the course of treatment, but also reduce the pain of children, and it is also conducive to their growth and development. In addition, for babies with diarrhea, rational drug use is the key, diet regulation is also very important. So remind the mother of non breastfeeding children in the process of feeding, must grasp the timing and propriety of feeding, complementary food added strictly follow the principle of gradual progress, to prevent the baby's young gastrointestinal again violated.