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How does darling shed clear nose to cure quickly? A good way to treat baby's runny nose

How does darling shed clear nose to cure quickly? How does darling flow clear nose use dietotherapy folk prescription to recuperate? What are the magic prescriptions for treating baby's runny nose? What does darling runny nose cold dietotherapy have? Here we introduce the treatment of baby runny nose.

Radish and cabbage soup: 250 grams of cabbage heart, 60 grams of white radish, fried with water, put 10-20 grams of brown sugar, eat vegetables and drink soup.

Chinese cabbage root soup: 3 pieces of Chinese cabbage root, wash and slice, enlarge 7 pieces of scallion root, fry the soup with sugar and take it while hot.

Radish soup: slice 150 grams of white radish, add 900 ml of water, fry to 600 ml, add 5 grams of sugar, take a cup while hot, take another cup half an hour later.

Rice vinegar radish: 250 grams of radish, rice vinegar, radish wash slice, soak in vinegar for 1 hour, when the meal.

Orange ginger tea: Orange Ginger 10 grams each, fried with water, drink with brown sugar 10-20 grams.

Ginger sugar drink: ginger slice 15g, 3cm long scallion 3 sections, add 50g water, boil with brown sugar. Ginger tea should be taken while it's hot, and then covered with a quilt, sweating slightly. It's best to have a sleep, which helps to lower body temperature and relieve headache.

Water chestnut: water chestnut several, rock sugar amount, add water with boiling, eat water chestnut drink soup

Children with sinusitis not only have a lot of runny nose, but also cough easily. It is also easy to cause otitis media. If children have a lot of runny nose, high fever and inflammation when checking their blood picture, some children can't say that their ears hurt when they are young. It's best to go to the otolaryngology department at this time.

Parents must not think that a child's runny nose is nothing. Don't make a fuss about it. I used to do the same. Because I'm a doctor, I don't make a fuss about it. I'd rather be hospitalized for it. Five to seven days more than runny nose, please pay attention to, not that it doesn't matter.

1、 Wash the nose, in the hospital will do a sinus replacement, children generally do not accept, a lot of older accepted, this effect is better, is the child supine, put the anti-inflammatory injection into the nasal cavity, and then the instrument suction out.

1、 Wind cold cold: features: cough, throat itching, expectoration, nasal congestion, clear nose, and tongue coating is white, the treatment should be Xuanfei Sanhan cough.

· Perilla porridge: 10 grams of perilla leaves, 50 grams of Japonica rice, 3 pieces of ginger, 3 dates. First use japonica rice porridge, porridge will be cooked when adding leaves, ginger, jujube, while hot to take.

· Congee with Scallion: 50g rice, 5 pieces of ginger, 5 sections of scallion, 5ml rice vinegar, add water to congee, drink while hot.

· Almond radish fried: almond (sweet) 10 grams, ginger 3 pieces, 100 grams of white radish, fried in water, 1 dose daily.

· Walnut ginger drink: 5 walnut meat mashed, ginger juice appropriate delivery service.

· Ginger garlic brown sugar soup: ginger 5, brown sugar 12 grams, garlic 3. Add water to boil for 10 minutes, drink soup.

· Ginger sugar bean curd soup: 200g bean curd, 50g brown sugar, 3 pieces ginger. Add a little water to cook.

· Orange ginger honey water: Orange 60 g, ginger 30 g, honey 250 G. First, orange and ginger are decocted with water. Take the decoction once every 15 minutes, add water and then decoct. Take the decoction for 3 times. Combine the decoctions and concentrate them over low heat. When they are thick and sticky, mix them with honey until they are boiling. Bottle them for later use. Take 3 tbsp three times a day.

· Scrambled eggs with sesame oil and ginger: put a small spoonful of sesame oil into the frying pan, heat the oil, add the ginger, add a little in the oil, then add 1 egg and stir well. When children cough with wind cold and body deficiency, let them eat hot before going to bed every night. If they insist on eating for a few days, they will get obvious effect.

· Pear + pepper + rock sugar: a pear, wash, cut horizontally, dig out the middle core, put in 20 pepper, 2 rock sugar, and then put the pear into a bowl, steaming for about half an hour, a pear can be eaten twice. Steamed pepper rock sugar pear is very effective in the treatment of wind cold cough, but some children do not like the taste of pepper, parents can choose.

· Tongxuan lifeI pill is a Chinese patent medicine in family. Juhong pill, Juhong expectoration, etc.

2、 Wind heat cold: characteristics: cough, phlegm yellow sticky, turbid nose, red throat, dry mouth, and tongue coating is yellow, red. The treatment is suitable for dispersing wind, clearing heat, resolving phlegm and relieving cough.

· Pear + rock sugar + scallop: cut the pear by the handle, dig out the middle core and put in 2-3 pieces of rock sugar, 5-6 pieces of scallop (scallop to be crushed), put the pear into a bowl, steam for about 30 minutes, give it to the baby twice. This prescription has the functions of moistening lung, relieving cough and resolving phlegm. Because now the baby is generally greedy for cold, hot blow air conditioning, all year round to eat cold fruit, so now suffering from wind heat cough baby significantly reduced.

· Two juice drink: fresh lotus root juice, pear juice, etc., raw.

· Radish ice sugar juice: take 100-200 ml of white radish juice, add appropriate amount of rock sugar, stew in water, drink it once before going to bed, and use it 3-5 times.

· Scallion pear juice: 7 scallion white whiskers, 1 pear, appropriate amount of rock sugar, fried in water.

· Towel gourd nectar drink: clean 10 grams of towel gourd flowers, put them into a porcelain cup, brew them with boiling water, cover them and soak them for 10 minutes, then add some honey and take them when they are hot.

· Honey radish juice: 1 white radish, wash, empty the center, 100 grams of honey into a large bowl, steamed with water.

· Radish sugar water: wash the red radish (without peeling), cut it up, add 2-3 tbsp maltose, put it aside overnight, and drink the dissolved radish sugar water frequently.

· Loquat leaf porridge: 12g loquat leaf, 50g japonica rice. Loquat leaves wrapped with gauze, boiled with water, residue to stay juice, add japonica rice cooked porridge edible. It can relieve cough and phlegm.

· Honeysuckle + Mint + honey: Honeysuckle 20g, mint 5g, a small amount of honey. First fry honeysuckle, take about 2 small bowls of juice, before the medicine is finished, fry mint for about 3 minutes, in the storage bottle, mix with honey and drink.

· Luffa flower honey drink: clean Luffa flower 10g, honey amount. Put the towel gourd flower into a porcelain cup, brew it with boiling water, cover it and soak it in warm water for 10 minutes, then mix honey and take it while it is hot, 3 times a day.

· Home prepared Chinese patent medicines: Jizhi syrup, Compound Glycyrrhiza mixture, Yinhuang Oral Liquid, etc.

Of course, children also need to listen to the voice of cough to identify diseases

· Distinguish diseases by hearing sounds

1. Common cold: cough with phlegm, not accompanied by asthma or shortness of breath, regardless of day and night;

2. Pertussis: a violent and hoarse cough - up to 25 times with one breath. When children inhale hard, they will make a sharp roar;

3. Asthma: persistent cough is often accompanied by wheezing or wheezing. The cough lasts for more than 10 days. The condition will worsen at night or after exercise, and the cough will worsen when children are exposed to pollen, cold air, animal dander, dust or smoke;

4. Influenza: a slightly hoarse cough from the throat. Cough once every other period of time, sometimes dry cough, sometimes with phlegm;

5. Bronchiolitis: cough with phlegm or accompanied by asthma, shortness of breath, weak, or dyspnea;

6. Reflux esophagitis: children after eating asthma and persistent hoarse cough;

7. Membranous laryngitis: it is characterized by a strong dry cough and a very clear voice, similar to the roar of a seal. It usually occurs at midnight. It's different from the cough you've heard before.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of the treatment of baby runny nose. More topics about children's health will continue to be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!