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How do fat women dress in autumn?

How do fat women dress and match in autumn? Girls with fleshy figure have been troubled by their fat figure for a season in summer. Do they have to continue to be troubled in autumn? Fat girls can also dress beautifully and slim in autumn! How can fat girls dress and match in autumn.

Who said that girls with meat can't wear loose top? With casual knitwear and pure color micro trumpet jeans, they can show thin and high quality.

The medium and long woollen jacket with big red and big red is very festive. With the micro trumpet jeans and red high-heeled shoes, the passers-by's eyes will be directly shifted from your figure to your excellent matching.

Exaggeration of the big lotus collar vest can divert attention, and cool leather and jeans with small feet, a hard and a soft really happy.

If you dare not wear self-cultivation clothes, you are afraid that the flesh on both sides of the waist will run out. Since this is the case, Xiaobian recommends a fake two-piece T-shirt, which can also be decorated with flared jeans.

Many girls have such misunderstanding that the brighter the color, the fatter it will be. In fact, as long as you pay attention to the deep and light tone matching, this situation will not appear.

A variety of styles of small suits start to heat up in autumn, in addition to improving their temperament, they can also show thin. With the same handsome jeans, you are the most beautiful scenery on the street.

Want to let everyone's eyes away from the body of meat, a set of eye-catching collocation is essential. Denim shirt, straight jeans, leopard print flat sole shoes, what are you afraid of with them.

Today's Sihai Xiaobian's introduction about how fat women dress and match in autumn is here. Friends who like fashion and all kinds of matching, act quickly, match good-looking clothes for themselves, and make themselves fashion. More about the wonderful content of popular collocation, Sihai clothing will continue to launch for you, please continue to pay attention!