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How to make clothes look thinner this autumn?

How to wear more thin clothes this autumn? The weather is getting cooler. Seasonal shirts, suits, knitwear and sweaters must be added, but you can't aggrieve yourself and let yourself out of the street. If you want to match the basic items with extraordinary star style, you must also show your beautiful legs! If you want to wear temperature, you also need to wear demeanor!

How to match your coat in early autumn to make you thinner? The matching of Blazer coat should focus on your own body characteristics, not all suits are suitable for you! The basic T-shirt in meat pink is bottomed, and it is embedded in the full change denim shorts. The ginger single product is a big hit this year. Two points stand out, matching the same color handbag, shoes and glasses.

How can autumn shirt make a good figure? The smoky gray wide T-shirt is used as the base, and the black leggings are used in this style. Besides the thin effect of the two, the leg curve will be lengthened. The classic plaid shirt is the same as the Korean version, and the sense of hierarchy is highlighted. The canvas shoes and the lining echo each other.

A look is a typical Korean mm dress! Black and white stripe crazy send Pullover knitting, big very comfortable, the lower body can not continue to be big, otherwise it will be very fat, dark red basic shorts + black thin belt willow nail boots, hat and locomotive bag in the color are very match.

Wide brim hat, this year's big hit! The necessities of European and American style, retro trend also need its collocation: Meat pink inside, pinch waist skirt design, highlight the taste of small women, slim jeans + black thin belt short boots, loose hollow sweater as outside, keep warm!

Sweet tomboy dress up! The pink T-shirt is embedded in the worn-out important denim shorts, with holes to lengthen the leg curve. The classic plaid shirt is the same Korean version, with a prominent sense of hierarchy, and the canvas shoes and the lining echo.

This dress is not so handsome, but full of students, still gray T-shirt bottomed, high waist retro skirt, color is very harmonious! Dark blue suit, this time can only choose black bottomed pants, shoes are very comfortable!

Today, Sihai Xiaobian's introduction about how to wear more thin clothes is introduced here. Friends who like fashion and all kinds of collocation, take action quickly, match good-looking clothes for themselves, and make themselves fashion. More about the wonderful content of popular collocation, Sihai clothing will continue to launch for you, please continue to pay attention!