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How to match the short windbreaker to show the perfect figure proportion?

How to match the short windbreaker to show the perfect figure proportion? You can't have the handsome and melodious long windbreaker, but the lively and capable short windbreaker. The short windbreaker of A-type can shorten the proportion of upper body visually, not for height, but for harmonious proportion. Xiaobian recommends some of the most beautiful windbreaker for you. Come and watch!

01. The length of 20cm above the knee creates a perfect golden ratio. It's worth starting if you want to have long legs. One side metal zipper, emphasizing the longitudinal line, enhancing the straightness of the placket. Metal buttons inlaid with diamond enhance the sense of quality.

02. In autumn, the bright yellow is as bright as the sunshine pouring down from the blue sky. The short style of the windbreaker is thicker, the lapel, the shoulder straps and the double breasted collar are all in the same place. Match it with Capri Jeans and simple medium heel shoes, which can combine temperament and aura.

03. Gray beige, which is one color number deeper than beige, is more mature and has more aura than beige. And the length of the thigh root, cover the buttocks, visually enhance the buttocks, so as to achieve the purpose of stretching the proportion of the lower body. Metal color buckle loop, with a strong explosive force into the eye war.

04. V-shaped lapel, with a round low collar, reveals the straight clavicle, which is imaginative. V-neck modifies the face shape to create a delicate Korean palm face. Double breasted placket and decorative buttons on slant pocket, interesting arrangement, full of joy.

05, the waist that seems to be plain wide belt, gently tied, it will be subtle women's unique charm and gentle cohesion in the bow. Unique hat tailoring, looking for lovely temperament in personality. The two sides are pasted with large pockets and designed with folds, which is vivid and three-dimensional.

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