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How to match retro coat in autumn?

How to match retro coat in autumn 2011? No matter which season, coat can always highlight women's unique fashion charm. Choosing different coat on different occasions, matching skirt or pants can make you the most attractive. Xiaobian recommends several autumn coats for you. They are beautiful to wear. Let's have a look.

Bright lake blue jacket, delicate suede fabric, full of romantic little woman atmosphere, layered collar, metal zipper design, full of personality, rivet decoration, more personality, reflecting the cool street style.

Slim suit coat, crisp fabric, make clothes very stylish, slightly with waist cutting style, make the waist line more slender, give people a very capable color, crisp lapel, super handsome, showing a capable neutral style.

Army green short jacket, thick feeling of pure cotton fabric, super warm, hat body connected design style, showing a very cool street style, giving people a cool neutral feeling, elastic hem, with a perfect shaping effect.

Dark blue long knitwear, elegant long lines, let the body present a very thin texture, deep color, shrinkage effect, wearing very thin, thick fabric, give you a very warm feeling.

Light gray long coat, delicate fabric, soft texture, wearing up very warm and comfortable, elegant color, reflects a very beautiful romantic atmosphere, long with, let the body have tall effect.

Classic leopard pattern suit coat, very delicate short line, perfect waist design, very stylish, showing a romantic and capable color, classic pattern, full of aesthetic sexy breath, short line collocation, very capable.

Slim leather coat, long lines, perfect package, let the body curve present immediately, the zipper design on the body, full of personality, give people a very cool Street charm, exquisite leather fabric, full of excellent fashion taste.