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How to match the color of blazer to make people more popular?

How to match the color of the blazer to make it more popular? In early autumn, the blazer with a variety of styles returned to the fashion stage. When the blazer is matched with shirt and trousers, it can be very capable and fashionable. When matching with the dress, you can have all kinds of styles and show the feminine taste. Dress up in the early autumn, let the suit help you!

When it comes to autumn, exquisite and handsome suits can't be absent. Whether it's ol office workers, street mix and match trendsetters, or stars walking on the cutting edge of fashion, as long as you put on an exquisite suit, you can wear their own strong fashion atmosphere. You can match it with striped vests and skirts to combine elegance and sweetness.

The suit coat with fresh temperament has excellent visual effect, and the design of belt can show women's figure very well. Lace edge highlights the sweet temperament. The waist shape perfectly shows the advantages of the body. It's a pure color vest with lace inside and a skirt underneath. It's super temperament. It's ol's favorite dress.

Silky fabrics bring a new revolution of suits, and make suits enter more leisure occasions. The layered treatment of the back is thin and unique, so that you can become the focus wherever you go. Epaulets let you wear a good figure, double breasted super love, orange red is especially suitable for romantic girls, with skirt, set off a slim and tall figure.

Slim short suit, exquisite cutting, strong lines, highlighting the air of competence. The design of the bubble sleeve can well cover the flesh of the arm and make it thinner. With a vest inside and a cake skirt underneath, it's a change from the previous small suit to add a lot of sweetness.

The simple suit without collar and two buttons is the mainstream design direction of this season's autumn fashion. Suits are generally designed as lapels, but this season's collarless suit has won the favor of more trendy people. The collarless version is simple and elegant, and the simple collocation with jeans is refreshing and elegant.

This suit, sky blue, is very fresh and elegant. The slim version highlights the slim figure. The waistcoat and waistcoat highlight the handsome style. The skirt design is also very chic, and the whole dress has a strong elegant temperament.

When the streets are full of broken flowers, you should choose a small suit to be the focus of this season. The princess atmosphere full of romantic style, the small V-neck and three-dimensional buttons make the small suit more designed, and the pocket decoration increases the texture of the clothes. Classic black makes the Blazer not easily out of date.

A light blue blazer with a striped vest in the same color, and a skirt underneath, is undoubtedly sweet. Elegant and romantic to show the most charming atmosphere, people can't move their eyes, early autumn with this absolutely eye-catching.